Kovalchuk Game-Winner Shocks Lightning

Shocking?  I have a blog post about the New Jersey Devils!

I think I’m more shocked than you guys that come here to read. 

I haven’t been marketing myself or my work for the past few months, so I thought I’d get on that today since there are not too many people going to Inside Hockey to read my work (which I highly recommend). 

Try starting off with this one: Kovalchuk Game-Winner Shocks Lightning

But I’m not going to talk about the Devils today.  Instead, I’m going to talk about a former New Jersey Devil…Kevin Weekes.

Kevin has been good to me, as well as my career over these past few years.  It’s always nice knowing that someone that you used to sit behind for years when you first started to get into hockey notices your existence and contributes to your understanding of a game that they are so passionate about.

He’s the kind of guy that makes an investment in others that he believes in.  He helps them in any way possible in an effort to promote the game of hockey.  He doesn’t do it selfishly.  I mean…what does he have to gain personally by helping my career? 

The only thing he gains is good karma by giving so unselfishly.

For anyone to say that he is selfish in his endeavours to promote the game and to help his community…they are horribly wrong.  It’s almost blasphemous to say those things about a man who has such great character. 

When I see people saying that there’s no way that he would have gotten a job with the NHL Network if it wasn’t for affirmative action…I just want to smack them.  Are you f*cking kidding me? 

If you’ve ever met Kevin in person, you will see that his face was made for television.  It’s perfect.  I’ve always thought that.  He has the perfect face for television.

Throw in that he knows hockey like a hockey player does (because…OMG…he used to be a professional goaltender in the NHL for years!)…that gives him the qualifications to do his job.

But most of all, what makes him a great guy on camera (and off)…is that he is passionate about the game of hockey.  You want to know why he’s helped me and my career out so much?  Because he sees that same passion in me.

When you are passionate about something, you have to share that passion with the world.  That passion makes you love going to your job every single day.  It makes you passionate about waking up every morning and thinking “what a wonderful world it is that we live in.”  You have passion in life that you are more than happy to share with everyone.

Lucky for us…he’s passionate about hockey.  That passion has created not only hockey history, but black history as he became the first black person to ever be an NHL color commentator.  We’ve witnessed history in the making…and I’m proud that I knew that guy that created that history. 

To me, he ranks up there with the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. as he moves forward in creating opportunities for others like him.  This is a DREAM made into a reality.  Someone had to break those barriers.  Kevin just so happens to be doing that in hockey. 

Affirmative Action?  MY ASS! 

He deserves to be in front of that camera every single night.  He has proven himself to be above and beyond any other sports commentator or broadcaster out there.  He is trying to prove himself to the world that he belongs there…which means that he’s working 10x harder than the guy that’s been there for the last 7+ years.  It’s all about the effort to be better than that veteran sitting next to him.

Why?  Because that’s the world we live in.  Women and minorities have to work harder than the guy that’s been there for years, because we are trying to be treated just as equally as that other guy.  We have to work harder just to be taken seriously.  If we don’t work harder, then they see us as a joke.   

As I got my own share of stupid, petty remarks from fans this morning…Kevin got the same.  They are just dumb and uncalled for. 

For the little prick that called me the female Eklund…here’s something to ponder…

1.  What rumors?  I know several players that will tell you that I don’t predict anything.  Someone gave me that information directly, which is usually the player themselves.  Some players will not go on record. 

Let’s take for instance, Ilya Kovalchuk…ummm…he told me EXACTLY what he was going to do in Free Agency.  His agent even confirmed months later that Ilya would do exactly as he told me he would do.  I just couldn’t come out and say, “Ilya Kovalchuk told me that he’s signing with the Devils, but he planned on dappling in free agency for a while just to see what would happen.” 

NO ONE can print something like that prior to July 1.  NO ONE.

Because of that, I can only print what I know and make it come off as “opinion” when it’s actually the truth direct from the player. 

Think about it…

The point is…was I right? 

2.  Sheldon Souray has been scouted by the Devils all season long. 

They say that he’s lost something in himself (that passion), that’s why the Devils have not made a play for him.  It’s the same reason why all other scouts scouting him have not recommended him to their respective GMs.

Has Sheldon been talked about?  Ummm…yeah.

It’s not a rumor if I say that Martin Brodeur discussed it with the press.   

3.  For those who say that I should not be allowed near players or in the press box, throw your opinion out the window and ask yourself, “Why do the Devils/Rangers/NHL let her in?” 

Do you actually read the fun pieces on here?  The Devils do. 

The whole worst dressed list is probably the funniest ongoing joke between me, Brodeur and Clarkson.  We didn’t tell Clarkson that he made the list.  He found out on his own…when he came here to read the blog. 

Why would they read the blog when they know I’m credentialed in for Inside Hockey?  Do you know how many players have told me that they read my blog and not Inside Hockey? 

Next, ask yourself why Kovalchuk would have told me and only me what he was doing in free agency. 


Then again, if you’re the type that would say that crap to me, you’d say that crap to a hockey player turned NHL Network broadcaster. 

I had one reporter ask me one time how it was that I got into the Rangers press box (he was not a fan)…when I said that I got the job with Inside Hockey thanks to Guy Carbonneau’s nephew…all of a sudden it’s like I bought my way in.


If  a hockey family can see that you’ve got the stuff to make it to spread the love of the game (and the passion for the game) onto the world…they’ll help you out any which way they can.

I have a lot of haters (fans) that don’t understand how and why I’m in there…apparently the hockey family understands.

As far as the hate Kevin and I got today…here’s what the Carbonneau family had to say…”Welcome to the world we live in.” 

Maybe the haters need to step away from the couch and try to understand the game a little better.  Several days out of the month, I get my hockey 101 from the Devils and the New York Rangers face to face.  How do you get your hockey knowledge that makes you such the expert that you know hockey better than the coach or the hockey players? 

Hate a little less and start learning the game the way the coach/players see the game.  Maybe you’ll understand what real hockey passion is all about.

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