A Devil of a Chance

1. A Devil of a Chance for the New Jersey Devils.  Looks like we’ve got a lot of bandwagoners saying “WE BELIEVE!”  We need all of the good energy we can get, so from the West Coast to the North Pole to Florida…the Devils will take as much of the goodness you can offer. 

2.  Marty the Duck is going on a road trip with PsychoPuckLady.  Which means that I am missing the Devils vs. Islanders game on Saturday.  We’re heading into ‘Canes territory so that Katrina can scratch off one more arena in the NHL she hasn’t been to yet. 

The adventure starts on Thursday…we’re in Raleigh on Friday.  Saturday, we’re going to visit the Blackbeard exhibit.  This actually makes me sooo happy.  “Blackbeard’s Ghost” is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies.  Going to check out Blackbeard’s pirate booty at the North Carolina Natural Museum of History has me excited for this spur of the moment trip.

Yep…I said spur of the moment!  I didn’t know I was doing this until yesterday afternoon.  I told her if she could swing by New Jersey on her way down to NC, then I’m game! 

We haven’t decided who we’re cheering for yet.  I might cheer for the home team.  We’ll decide when we get there. 

What I’m looking forward to the most…all of that southern fried cooking that everyone was tweeting about back in January during the All-Stars.  Seriously…they were killing me slowly with every tweet of BBQ goodness.

But that’s all changing.  We’re gorging while we’re there.  Well, we’ll be gorging on a lot of slim jims (and Rockstars) on the road trip.  This may be the most outrageous adventure Katrina and I have been on to date.

3.  After one too many complaints from Phoenix tweeps…the Twitter is back to being non-Private again.  All it went to show was that I was right…you guys stalk my Twitter account.  I think this has a little something to do with a little Psycho.  Just imagine a world where the Psycho and I have private accounts.  What would Phoenix do with themselves?  FOLLOW US, MAYBE?  Oh wait…you tried that when the account went private. 

Kind of hard to stalk when the accounts are private.

Didn’t know you guys cared that much to want it open to the public.

4.  Congratulations to the Clarksons on the birth of their baby girl.  I must have sensed that the baby was coming soon, because a couple of weeks ago I told a few people in the media that I think Clarky’s baby is due soon.  Their first question was, “Who told you Clarky was having a baby?”

Apparently it wasn’t public knowledge.  I just put two and two together from some of the things that Clarky said to me a few months ago.  He kept talking about what kind of father he’s going to be and how he’s going to raise his kids.  Why would a guy be talking about that unless there is a baby on the way? 

He never came right out and said that they were expecting…but the hint was read loud and clear…

So congratulations!  Also, a belated congratulations to Anton Volchenkov on the birth of his twins (boy and girl). 

Looks like the girls have it this season.  But hey, babies are good luck in Devilsland.  The NJD have a 1.00 winning percentage when there’s a baby born into the fold.  It’s a good record!

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