Brodeur’s Future: To Retire or Not Retire

So inquiring minds wanted to know: will Brodeur retire after this season?

Something that is always on my mind every single time I see Broduer is will he play out the final year of his contract.  Out of all the things he’s said since I first started covering the Devils, the one item that has always stuck with me was his announcement (during my rookie year) that he would probably not play the final year of his contract.

Well, the time has come.  Will this be the last few games of his career?  Or will he play on?

Brodeur’s Future: To Retire Or Not Retire?

Believe it or not, he answered the question truthfully and exactly how I expected him to answer it.  The only thing that shocked me was what he would do in his retirement.  But then I had to smack myself in the head and say, but of course he would want to do that.  He wouldn’t be Martin Brodeur if he didn’t want to do that in his retirement.

But the most important factor in all of this…I think he clarified and set some of the rumors straight of what everyone in the league said he would do when it came time to retire.  It made me realize…the experts in hockey apparently didn’t talk to Marty about his wishes.

So here’s the most talked about story out of the Devils territory right now.

Thanks, Marty, for being honest and answering the one question that was on everyone’s minds.


Fox Sports has also picked this story up as their main NHL feature.  It’s worth a read there. They included a slideshow of Brodeur’s career to complement the article. Click Here

Ironically, the last time I made top NHL story of the day…it was based on another retirement…Jacques Lemaire’s announcement last year.

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