No, I DON’T Predict Anything

From the Brendan Shanahan: Shanny in the Artform collection (c) 2008 Michelle Kenneth

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Brendan Shanahan is in the news.  He’s now the new disciplinarian after Colin Campbell stepped down.

Of course, media is crediting me as figuring out that there was something going on concerning Shanny when I realized that his Twitter had been deleted.  It was random that I discovered it.  I went to see if he had anything to say about the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals only to find out that the user (@NHLShanny) no longer existed. 

How about this for a timetable…I went to look within minutes of him deleting it.  Ergo, the media is now crediting me for discovering it and that something Shanny related was about to happen.

Last night, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman made the formal announcement of Shanny’s new position.  I kept thinking all day yesterday…what’s so weird about this is that my wish finally happened.  Took a year and a half, but it happened.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…I wrote this back on January 14, 2010.  I demanded that Colin Campbell step aside and that Bettman hand the job over to Brendan Shanahan.  This IRATE rant came about from the Burrows Incident.   

Commissioner Bettman, I think it’s time you stepped in on this matter. You just hired someone that I think would be a perfect fit for the disciplinarian job. At least I know that he would look at both sides of the equation and try to come up with a fair assessment on any matter that could spring up in the league. I would respect his judgment because historically he has done his best to come out with a fair judgment for everyone in the matter. His name is Brendan Shanahan.

How ironic that the first day on the job, Burrows decides to ‘bite’ Bergeron during the first game in the Stanley Cup Final. 

Synchronistic moment?  Oh, I do believe so. 

For those keeping track…I’m still 100% accurate on Shanny predictions as it concerns his career.  There’s no way that I could have staged Campbell stepping down, Shanny taking the disciplinarian job and Burrows biting someone all in the same day.

Someone told me a few months ago that I don’t predict Shanny’s future…he just does what I tell him to do.  I think we’re back to ‘predicting’ because there’s no way that I could have orchestrated Campbell-Shanny-Burrows all over again. 

Synchronicity defintion: Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. (Wikipedia) described Synchronicity as this:  [Carl Jung] coined the term synchronicity to describe what he called the “acausal connecting principle” that links mind and matter. He said this underlying connectedness manifests itself through meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect. Such synchronicities occur, he theorized, when a strong need arises in the psyche of an individual. He described three types that he had observed: the coinciding of a thought or feeling with an outside event; a dream, vision or premonition of something that then happens in the future; and a dream or vision that coincides with an event occurring at a distance.

All in all…read my post from the other day and then this one…tell me how I’ve tapped into Mr. Shanahan’s universe and have been able to accurately predict his future.  He’s the only one that I’ve been able to accurately predict 100%.  Even I thought that guy was right…I don’t predict anything.  But last night when Burrows bit Bergeron…I think I can honestly say that he was wrong…I predict.

As for Brendan…congratulations on the new job.  This is your new legacy.  Don’t let the former disciplinarian of the past define how you will perform in this job.  Re-define and mold this position into one with integrity and fairness for all.  There are rules.  There are no “In” and “Out” crowds.  There is only the incident to place judgment upon…not the individual with a name on the back of his jersey.  Issue out the verdicts in a way that everyone will understand that you looked at both sides of the situation and decided what was best for everyone.  May the league be with you and not against you.

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