Ladies’ Hockey Clothing: Up to Size?

For female hockey fans we’ve had issues with the hockey clothing that’s marketed to us.  There are complaints as far as the type of clothes marketed to us.  But what about the sizing?  Apparently that is also a real issue.

Just the other day, I was in the NHL store in Manhattan and I saw a shirt I liked.  The shirt in front was XS, so I looked for an XL.  I picked up the XL and was getting ready to head straight to the cash register when I stopped and took a look at it.  There was no way that was an XL.  I put it up against the XS and the only difference…the XL was about 1/4 of an inch longer.  It was the only difference.

So before taking this “issue” to the NHL office, I want to know two things from the ladies: 1) What your size is (in US), and 2) if you are satisfied with the NHL’s women sizing for clothing.

Just an FYI ladies, the results, as well as your comments, will be turned over to the NHL and Reebok in the next few weeks.  If you have something to say…SAY IT.  Pass this along and tell all of the hockey ladies you know, because we need a more accurate look at the sizing situation (especially if it needs to be changed).

Pass this along to every female hockey fan.  We need to make sure this is representative of the majority of the population.

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