Erin Andrews Speaks Out

Ever since naked photos of Erin Andrews hit the front page of the New York Post, the world has either taken the perpetrator’s side or the victim’s side.  Female sports writers like Christine Brennan went on the record as saying that Erin deserved it because she was pretty. Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck made a jab at her. 

“[She] said my stalker should have just waited and he could have seen me naked on Dancing With the Stars, referring to the costumes.”
Being stalked by someone is no laughing matter.  What happened to Erin was horrible.  This guy followed her and sought her out.  He found out what city she was going to.  He called every single hotel in that town until he found out which one she was in.  He’d show up and take the peephole out of the door.  He did this more than once.  He didn’t just do this to her, he did this to other women.

There are women that are victims of stalkers such as Michael David Barrett.  There are women that are filmed unknowingly by neighbors, landlords, even handymen doing repairs on their home.  The problem with the internet…once those photos/videos go live…you can’t take them down.

Erin still receives tweets from idiots saying that they’re watching the ‘video.’  It is a form of bullying. 

Erin has finally decided to speak out about what happened.  In an exclusive with Marie Claire, she talks about the incident and what transpired afterwards.  No woman should be put through what she has gone through.   

Everyone needs to read this story, both men and women alike.  You have to understand that what happened to Erin was a horrible thing.  For those of us ladies covering sports that travel, we’re all scared that this could happen to us.  Any celebrity or athlete should also be concerned.  Precautions need to be made so that this does not happen to them. 

Thank you, Erin, for becoming the voice for women that this has happened to and educating those of us ladies who do travel to cover a sport.  Stalker Laws need to be re-vamped to include the internet. 

If you don’t understand why…a stalker who stalked Erin took this video and sold it.  It was put up online and it went viral.  Every person should have the right to have those videos/photos removed from the internet, especially since a crime had taken place in order to obtain the video.  The victim shouldn’t have to continue being the victim.  This guy, and the media, did enough to her already. 

As for the idiots out there…quit bullying Erin.  She’s the victim, here.  If she had her way, no one would have ever seen that video.  Each time you watch it, each time you bully her…you are just as bad as that guy that’s in jail.  He violated her…just like you do when you participate by willingly watching that video or by looking at the pictures from the video. 

One of the things from the article that got me choked up was this:

When this happened, there was a lot of talk about whether I was going to come back, and I had a phone full of messages from some of the best coaches in the country, saying, “Please come back. Don’t let this idiot win. You are what’s right about our game.”Read more: Erin Andrews Interview – ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews Talks About Her Stalker – Marie Claire

Kudos to Erin for not letting the idiot win. 

Part of the healing process when you’ve been a victim is to help others.  Her new mission is to educate people on what to do while on the road, especially if you’re a media person, celebrity or athlete.  She’s also working to change the current stalking laws.  She is now the voice of all of those victims that this has happened to…and she’s doing what she can to protect them, as well as others that this could happen to.

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