The Hockey Wives Club

Not too many people talk about the wives, girlfriends or fiancees of hockey players.  Of course, we know all of the crap out there on the net about the ladies of hockey (written by people that don’t know what they’re talking about).  The news is never good.  Usually horrible.  All written by jealous women (or girls) that think they know the Hockey Wives Club.

On one site, a girl talks about how she ran into Zach Parise and asked him if he’s getting married some day.  His response was “I hope so.”  Then she started bashing his girl on the site.  [Not a very nice thing to do at all.]

Just yesterday, one website wrote about how Jonathan Toews liked girls and was seen with some girl at a Cubs game.  They even put up her name and pictures of her and attempted to bash the girl.  Not to mention that the only reason why the story was even written was to get site hits so that their site would generate more money because apparently a lot of chicks Google “Jonathan Toews girlfriend.”  [Although, they should Google “Jonathan Toews baby pictures”…much cuter and more interesting.]  This coming from a site whose sole purpose is about women covering sports…poor taste, really.

The hockey wives, girlfriends and fiancees get the bad wrap all of the time.  They’ve been stereotyped, categorized, and labeled with horrible terms.  People assume that all hockey wives are a certain way…all supermodels or something…and their lives are all glamorous because they’re married to a hockey player.

Guess what?  You guys really want to know what it’s like being a hockey wife, a hockey fiancee, or a hockey girlfriend?  Why don’t you read about it directly from them?  The way they describe it, it’s probably one of the most horrendous jobs for a woman to take on…but they do it because they love that man…he just so happens to play hockey.

The hockey wives (and soon to be wives) have started blogging about their life.  I have to say that it’s been a wonderful thing.  They are dispeling the myths about the ‘glamourous’ life of being married to a hockey player.

Why am I even talking about the girls today?  Because I discovered a few months ago that they were following me on Twitter.  The funny convos later, the blasting the fakers out of the water, and the reading of each others blogs…created a newfound love and respect for the hockey wives club.  To me, they were just some foreign entity that had zero to do with my job, so I never bothered to pay any attention to them.  Since I found out they followed me on Twitter and I started following them back…I can’t help but laugh at their exploits of trying to not be a klutz, or mourn over a pair of shoes being stolen from their gym locker, or just feel sympathy for the stress they’re going through trying to raise the kids (and missing their hubby dearly).

They are the wives that are not the ‘stereotypical’ tanned, plastic surgery loving, big breasted, blonde women that look like either a Playboy Playmate or a supermodel.  Believe it or not, those stereotypes are the minority, not the majority.  They’re just normal women that happened to marry someone they love dearly…and he just happens to play hockey.  Hockey is not what they married…they married the man, not his career.  It’s the man that they love.  Hockey is what takes the backstage.

Today’s post is really about the girls and their blogs.  Want to see into their world?  Wedding preparations, packing, moving to foreign countries, trying to maintain a home, a business, and taking the little ones to ballet, sports practices, etc.?  This is the world of the Moms, the wives, the girlfriends, and the fiancees…they’re blogging and on Twitter.  Here are some of the blogs I’ve stumbled upon that I enjoy reading…just from the woman’s perspective on life.

Rachel Lindstrand (@RALind17) (former NJD goalie Mike McKenna’s (now Ottawa Senator) fiancee) just launched a blog.  She’ll be focusing on the wedding preparations, her life, and more…  Devils fans, you may love her even more, because she is a Devils fan. Hugging the Post: A Goalie Wife’s Perspective

@HockeyWife_22 is probably my favorite of them all.  She started tweeting at me first.  When she talked about sitting in some kid’s nachos at a hockey game and she had a pic taken of an olive on her ass…I just fell in love with her and her blog.  Such a sweetheart!  It’s frustrating being married to a hockey player…but her tips on packing and moving (they’re off to Germany in a couple of weeks for a new season) actually have been very helpful for me (since I’ll be heading to 5 different countries in a couple of months).  And of course, I love looking at the pics of her son Linden (named after Trevor Linden) and reading his hockey phenom stories.  Yes, she has a little hockey player on her hands.  A Day In the Life of a Hockey Wife

Kym (@travel_babbles) (fiancee to TJ Fox) has one of the most creative and inspiring blogs out there.  She doesn’t just write about the wedding plans or what it’s like with TJ…she talks about more homey stuff.  I personally love to scroll through and read the quotes of the day.  It’s so colorful, calming and peaceful.  Plus, the girl loves her fashion.  That’s what I love about her blog too.  Travel Babbles Living the {Hockey} Life

Mrs. Sopel (Wife of Brent Sopel) Now, I admire Mrs. Sopel.  She’s got two households to run, a new store to run outside of Chicago (which, by the way, she sells pillows made from Hermes scarves…I’m waiting for her website to go live so I can order one), and her sanity to keep in tact.  She’s not just a hockey wife, she’s a mom too…and it’s tough raising a family on your own most of the time while hubby is away working.  I like that she talks about what’s going on in their world.  You kind of feel for her…it’s not easy keeping it all together…but she’s one amazing woman.  She’s got so many titles that she juggles from wife to mom to entrepreneur…she’s just phenomenal.  Life of a Hockey Widow

Lindsay (wife of Alex Leavitt) has a blog that talks about the life of the hockey wife…OVERSEAS…and she’s from Texas.  Her blog is rather fun, and like most of the girls, they share some of the fun activities that they’ve done or items they’ve created.  But most of all…they talk about the packing, the moving and the struggles of following that man that they love.  TexaGermaFinlaNadian

Laura (wife of Joakim Lindstrom (Colorado Avalanche)) is a girl from the MidWest who relocated to Sweden for her hubby and his career.  They just had a baby on July 13th, so there are a lot of preggers and baby photos (so adorable).  There She Is

Erin (wife of Matt Macdonald) just recently tied the knot.  From the pre-wedding preparations, to being motivated to just get to the gym, as well as the wedding photos…she shares her world with the rest of the world.  Sometimes Blonde

Tales of a Hockey Wife is all about a former player’s (turned coach) wife that blogs about their life.  Hockey mom, hockey wife, hockey coach’s wife…yep…she’s seen them all.  Lots of fun stuff there. 

Christin Kolzig @ChristinKolzig (wife of Olaf Kolzig aka Ollie the Goalie) is a photographer (and she’s really good)!  Her blog shares her gems (you have to see her gallery…just beautiful pics), as well as that life of a hockey wife and a mother to three ‘out of control kids.’  And of course, we all know about the Carson Kolzig Foundation for Youth Autism.  Now that they’re off to Tampa, she’s sure to share more of her adventures.  Christin Kolzig Photography {Blog} 

Megan @JeffandMeg (wife of Jeff Corey) is the owner of, which, believe it or not, is one of the stores that the fashionista bloggers have discussed from one site to the next.  Who knew that one of the owners was a hockey wife?!  For the fashionistas…you can read the fashion blog at Style Me Mamie and her personal blog (that she shares with Jeff) at Somewhere With You.

Tiffany @LTRBrands (wife of George Parros (Anaheim Ducks)) is also another fashionista that has her own clothing line: LTR Brands.  Her clothing line is eco-friendly, comfortable, easy to wear and sexy!

One lady that cracks me up so much when she talks about her exploits around our lovely city called New York City is @NHLWife.  She’s not blogging yet…maybe she will someday.  But her life as an NHL wife…so hilarious.  Yes, I did mourn for her loss when her shoes were stolen at the gym…and laughed hysterically when she told me that last night’s blog entry would have been about tripping over her husband’s hockey stick, breaking it, and then trying to tape it back together again.  Her nanny cam comment had me laughing so much.

As far as Twitter accounts go, you can find a list of the real ladies of hockey HERE and HERE.

What I love about these ladies…they’re dispeling the myths about being a hockey wife.  It’s about time they started speaking for themselves! 

Thanks to the Hockey Wives/Girlfriends/Fiancees for sending along the info on all of the Hockey Wives Club bloggers.  If you see one that’s not on here, please let me know. 

Either way, to the ladies reading, from a woman’s perspective involved in hockey…it’s actually kind of nice to read about what a ‘normal day in the life’ looks like.  To be honest, my days look nothing like that.  I feel like I’m the hockey player that’s always absent from home…wish I could do half of their Martha Stewart stuff (where to find the time?  Oh yeah…in the off season!). 

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