The Elias Family as UNICEF Ambassadors

The Elias family are back in the Czech Republic this summer.  Before heading abroad, Patrik had mentioned he would be spending the summer back home.  He said he hadn’t been home in 2-3 years. 

This was also the first time he would be bringing his daughter, Sophia Gabriella, to his native home.

Here’s the Google Translation of the UNICEF event (from

The shopping gallery Myslbek in Prague Na Prikope wore a white apron with blue-white logo and the organization stood behind the counter full of donuts, chocolate biscuits, cakes decorated with large nuts and English rolls with bacon. “Even when the wife bakes well, nothing that we did,” said Elias.

Meanwhile, Mom Sophinku pick up the stroller, lively daughter pulling donuts on hand, gazing in astonishment at the colorful cakes on dvoutisícovku, the couple put the first money-box contributors. “This event is a tradition, I’m here, I think, for the third time. For the first time there were betting who will choose the highest amount,” smirked Elias.

Then he reached for one of the smaller makovotvarohových cookies and enjoy a bite into it.

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