Ilya Kovalchuk: In The Beginning

With the hockey season underway, it was finally time for me to stop slacking off and get back to work.  It was time for the Kovalchuk series to finally go up.  This is an interview that I took the day off from the office to head to the Devils practice to sit down and talk to Ilya about his life and career.  This, of course, was my first Devils’ practice.

As you read through this article, look to see if you can catch Kovalchuk’s dry sense of humor.  Half of the stuff he jokes about…I catch maybe 50% of the time.  The other 50% I catch when I listen to the feed the second time around.

There were parts of the interview I left out from this piece, because there was something happening while I was interviewing him.  I was sitting in Adam Mair’s locker and he needed me to get out of his locker so he could change.  So I tried to move to the other side of Kovalchuk into Zubrus’ locker (he was out that day) and ended up dropping my book on the floor.

Getting back to the interview and talking about his first NHL game that he saw on TV…I almost broke out laughing listening to the feed because he goes, “1994!” really loud into my Blackberry…you know, just in case I didn’t remember what year we were on in his life. 

Now, he cracks 2 jokes in this article.  The first one is a giveaway.  I helped you guys out with that one.  The second one…let’s see if you can find it.

In part two, the only funny moment I caught during the interview was about his coming to America.  He always has this serious face and serious tone when he is being interviewed.  You have to watch his eyes, because it always gives him away.

During this part of the interview, he had this momentary lapse where the question posed to him made a rush of memories come forward into his mind and he actually broke form and smiled.  And I called him on it…right there in the locker room.  I know what they say about me in that locker room and it was totally put to the test in that very moment.  What he had to say after that…probably the funniest stuff he’s ever said in this last year.

Part of me wants to title the article: “Ilya Kovalchuk: Bad Boy Lurking…” but you know I won’t, because he didn’t want to talk about what I saw.  He’d only give me a little bit of info on what I saw…and that part was totally hilarious.

But again…let’s see if you catch his dry Russian humor in part two.

Here’s the article: Ilya Kovalchuk: In The Beginning

Oh, and I tried to get some baby photos of Ilya for the article, but he had just left for Russia when I contacted them about it.  So maybe when the book is published (which will feature this interview series) he’ll lend some photos for the story.

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