Karel Rachunek

Of the losses today, I think the one that’s affecting me the most is Karel Rachunek.  I remember meeting him back in 2006 in Puerto Rico.  I happened to be staying in the same hotel as the New York Rangers while they were playing in an exhibition game in the Caribbean.

I kept running into Karel everywhere…especially when it came time to eat.  Funny thing is…he was always dining alone on this trip.  Shortly afterwards, I ended up meeting his wife while they were out and about in New York City. 

My heart always went out to Karel because his family was just so important to him and he missed them so much when they weren’t around.  Thanks to Aha Online, I thought I’d share a photo for you guys on what I think of when I think of Karel Rachunek.  I think about the husband and the father that loved his family so much.

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