NHL Feels Pain of Lokomotiv Plane Crash

Out of all the tragic things that have happened in hockey this summer, today’s news takes the cake.  Today, even though I am exhausted and tired after getting around four hours of sleep, trying to function after hearing of the Lokomotiv plane crash has been absolutely minimal.  To say that I am distraught over what’s happened would be an accurate description.

I keep thinking about all of those families that have lost a son, a brother, a husband and a father.  I think of those young kids that are too small to remember their daddy now…and won’t have those special memories with their father.  I think of the wives who have lost the man that they love.

I think of the KHL and how they’ll be able to move forward not only as a league, but as a unit of KHL players and teams that lost their friends and colleagues today.  How do you get back to work so soon when everything now has to change? 

I keep picturing Karel Rachunek with his wife and how happy he was to have her next to him (before they had kids).  I keep thinking of Alexander Vasyunov’s face in the Devils locker room…so young and so ready to take on the big leagues of hockey.

I keep thinking of Alexander Galimov…praying every single second…please, God, please take care of him.  Please be with him and his family right now.  They need you.  I can only imagine how much pain he is in right now…struggling to live.

Simply put, it does feel like we’re family today in the hockey community and we’re all grieving over each and every loss in this hockey family.  There are people throughout this community that have some sort of story about one or two of these men that died today.  Even if it was just remembering that he was part of your team…it’s a memory of a man who lived.

The hockey season started for me yesterday.  For today to be day two of my season…I just think…what a fecking way to start off this damn book on my final season.  I just pray this book has a happy ending.

Here’s the Inside Hockey write-up: NHL Feels Pain of Lokomotiv Plane Crash

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