Day 70: Brodeur, NHL Revenue, Etc.

1. Is Brodeur 100%?  I’ve been working on this story for two weeks.  It may have been a mix of watching Brodeur trying to find his game again, and seeing blasphemous words about the legend being D-O-N-E that took me so long to publish it. 

I never like to see those things happen to someone who’s worked so hard to become a legend and then have the world laugh at him in his first game back after being out for three weeks.  It makes me ask…do you know nothing about hockey and sports injuries?  You can’t expect anyone to come back in their first game as a hero after being out for three weeks.

If you’ve ever had an injury (or surgery), coming back to a new form (because you’ll never be the way you used to be) takes some time.  You always have that fear that you are going to re-injure yourself.  If you think Brodeur is beyond that fear…then you forget he’s still human. 

IS BRODEUR 100 PERCENT? at Inside Hockey

Brodeur answered that question for IH readers.

2.  NHL Under-reporting Revenue?  I usually never re-post a NY Post article, but this one was retweeted by Allan Walsh (agent to numerous NHL players including Patrik Elias).  Want to know what direction those CBA talks are going to go next year?  Take a look at what the Post found out: NHL Union Gets ‘Book Smart’.  What was the PA’s finding? 

This quote should scare any fan into thinking…a lockout is coming…

We’re told Washington and Nashville are among at least a handful of clubs that have been cited for failure to declare hockey-related revenue.

So that means there should be a lot of unhappy hockey players right about now.  Hello CBA talks.

And here, I thought the NBA labor talks were getting heated and nasty.  NHL/PA haven’t even started their talks yet and it looks like things are going to get nastier than the crap flinging I keep reading on Twitter from the NBA/PA.  (Yes, it is popcorn worthy reading material.)

[Btw, I pulled the only quote that meant something in that entire piece.]

3.  Time Apart Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.  This morning, I was thinking about the message I got back from the desert…”He loves you and misses you.”  It kind of makes me sad to hear that, because I still have another five months to go before I can see him again. 

I saw a tweet this morning from a NY Ranger’s girlfriend who was leaving NYC to go back home.  My heart just went out to her, because it will be another month and a half before she sees him again.  I know exactly how she feels. That longing to not leave, but you have to go back home.

I may not be a hockey wife or girlfriend, but I know what it’s like to be away from the person you love for months on end.  It’s not easy.  It’s also not easy getting on that plane to go back home, knowing that you won’t see each other for some time. 

It takes a lot of strength to be a woman in love with a man that works in a different city, state or country than where she is.   There are many wives, fiancees and girlfriends that try to keep a sane head even though they feel like they’re really going crazy inside.  That’s what love does to you. 

So to all of the ladies out there that have someone they love far away from them…to all of those ladies that are counting down the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months until you see your love again…


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