If You Can Play, YOU CAN PLAY!

I’ve been waiting for this video to come out.  I knew secretly that it was in the works and I was told not to mention it to anyone until AFTER it came out.  So without ado…here is one of the most important hockey videos out right now.

Patrick Burke is doing a stand up job.  I’ve been hearing about all of the work he’s been doing over the last year.  He’s really doing his brother proud.  Actually, if he were still with us, I think Brendan would be speechless at what his family has done in the name of hockey and gay rights.

You can follow the PSA Team on Twitter: @YouCanPlayTeam

Also, check out their site: YouCanPlayProject.org

P.S. Looks like NJD’s Andy Greene appeared in this PSA. 

[Pictured above: Brendan Burke.  He died in a car accident in Indiana on 2/5/10.  He was one of the biggest voices in speaking out against homophobia in professional sports.  He was one of the first to come out as a gay hockey player.  His father Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke and his brother Patrick (scout for the Philadelphia Flyers) are now carrying that advocacy flag for gay rights.]

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