Cornbread AND Chili In a Jar!!!

Alright you jar lovers…this recipe is going to blow your friggin minds. 

When I saw this recipe of Chili & Cornbread in a Jar from Whipperberry, I thought…that is so cool, but does it work?

So I went to it on Sunday.  I threw a chili together in a crockpot that morning, and by late afternoon, the chili was ready for phase two. 

I whipped up a cornbread batter, put some chili in a jar, threw some batter on top and then baked it in one of my old glass Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter jars.

The result?


Why has no one thought of doing this before?  As much as women loved the whole salad in a jar trick, you have got to do this! 

The cornbread came out so well and not soggy at all (I’m eating this for the first time the next day). 

At first, I was a little worried when I saw the cornbread rise above the jar.  I didn’t know how I’d be able to screw the lid back on.  After it cooled down, I saw that there were a few air pockets inside the jar, so I just pushed the cornbread down into the jar and then put the lid on…PERFECTION!  

As for the flavor?  I think baking the two in a jar together enhances the flavor completely!  Not only is the flavor magnified between the cornbread and the chili, but I really love how this is so easy to grab and go.  It’s a complete meal in a jar!

No more taking your chili in and having smashed up cornbread on the side in your little Ziploc bag.  This makes the meal more efficient with less waste!  You know how I love the whole finding out how to make today better than it was yesterday.  Cornbread and chili in one jar…PERFECTly more efficient!

After this recipe scored huge points in my book, I’m definitely going to try some of these breads in a jar. 

Pictured here is banana bread in a jar from Intimate Weddings.  I’ve also seen pinners post up pictures of zucchini bread in a jar, cake in a jar and so on. 

For those (like myself) who have a conventional oven to use only…this is perfect.  Forget about trying to find a small loaf pan to fit the oven.  Just bake in jars.  You can fit up to half a dozen jars in a conventional oven.

The trick here when upcycling jars…I like the glass Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter jar because it’s perfectly circular (with a wide opening) and not too tall.  The wide opening is the key.  It makes it easier to put the ingredients in and to dig it out with a spoon when you eat it.