The Lure of the Subscription Box Service

Since I started looking around to see if there are other sites similar to Little Black Bag, I decided to see what other subscription services are available out there. 

I found an interesting site called  This is actually a great site for those looking for subscription box services.  You can also find out if they’re even worth spending your money on.  Customers rank and comment on each service.  They even give you the heads up on the ones that you should stay away from completely.

I also found a Pinterest Board that provides you with links to all of the subscription box services on the net. 

I’ve decided this month that I’m going to try out Julep thanks to Fab Fatale’s code: PENNY (where you can get your first box for a penny, cancel afterwards if you don’t want the service).  Julep is for those ladies who LOVE nail polishes.  I’m not big on nail polishes, but I thought I would try this for a month to see if maybe I could start wearing polishes on my nails again (since I don’t have to worry about hockey stuff anymore).

Another service I’m trying out is POPSUGAR.  Here’s a look at what their August boxes looked like: AUGUST.  I’ve been asking around to find out what people think of POPSUGAR…no one has tried it.  So hopefully this one will be good.  I really liked the products they had for August.  Let’s hope the box coming for September will be just as amazing.

Yuzen was another box that got a lot of rave reviews. They received 5 stars from customers at Subscription Boxes.  Everyone has claimed that they loved all of the products in the boxes sent to them.  It definitely delivered a lot of ZEN their way.

Last, but definitely not least is Conscious Box.  This box is probably the most popular, as well as the most loved and recommended of all of them.  Even Kym Fox (hockey player TJ Fox’s wife) enjoyed what was sent to her.  You can read her review of the box: HERE.  I first heard about the box from Kym, so I’m really looking forward to my first box from this eco-friendly company. 

Now, I used to subscribe to Birchbox, but I started to realize that the $10 a month subscription didn’t justify the few little rinky dink samples that I could get at the department store for free.  When I was traveling all of the time, it was great because I needed the samples, but when I started traveling a little less, those samples started to pile up and I ended up giving them all away. 

I’m hoping that these new boxes (even though they cost a little more) will supply me with some better samples and products.

After a couple of months of giving these services a whirl, I’m going to add a few Foodie boxes to the mix. 

Have you tried any of these subscription box services I listed today?  What did you think?

Are there any that you have tried and loved that weren’t listed in today’s post?

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