Tis the Season to Be Shopping

How have you been making out in this year’s holiday sales? 

I keep getting boxes in the mail and I have no clue what in the world I ordered…or how I was able to afford what I pull out of those boxes so I can wrap them up. 

FYI…everything is couture.

Here’s how I was able to do it.

1.  The Outnet Clearance Sale.  I always look for The Outnet’s seasonal clearance sales.  You can get a lot of couture items for 80% off.  My kind of sale.  At THE OUTNET, I was able to pick up a pair of Antik Batik ballet flats for $52 (original price $260).

For $11.60 (original price, $58), I picked up this Calvin Klein cardigan.

For $50.25 (original price $335), I picked up this Miu Miu top.

I thought I scored a pair of Marni sunglasses for $74 (original price $370), but was later contacted by The Outnet and they informed me that there was a computer glitch and the item was sold out.  So I now have a $25 credit to The Outnet because of the inconvenience…which I don’t intend on using until their next big clearance. 

My total couture savings on this purchase was $539.15.

While The Outnet clearance sales are always fantastic (earlier this summer I picked up a pair of Bally shoes for $100), their regular prices are also amazing.  You can find many good deals on your favorite designers from 30-70% off.  That’s better than what you will find at the major retailers.

2.  Net-a-Porter’s Clearance Sale.  First is The Outnet’s clearance sale, a few weeks later is their sister site Net-a-Porter’s clearance sale.  Luckily, this sale is still going on as I write this. 

What goodies did I score?

J. Crew tee ($14.50), Karl Lagerfeld Abery Studded Leather Gloves ($52.50), Mulberry Charm Bracelet ($35.00), Red Valentino rain boots ($97.50) (see picture), See By Chloe Canvas Shoper ($47.50), and a Splendid jersey top ($37.00). 

Not bad, right? 

I always wanted something from Mulberry and See By Chloe, so these two finds will be a nice addition to my wardrobe. 

As for Valentino and Karl Lagerfeld…well, I have a Valentino wardrobe that I’m always building on…and I added Karl to my jewelry wardrobe while I was shopping in Verona, Italy this summer.  These gloves are definitely Karl and very chic and sexy.

Make sure to head to the clearance sale now while it is still on.  You’ll find a lot of amazing deals.

3.  Bloomingdale’s Clearance.  On my Christmas list: Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff.  No, I don’t own enough. 

I’m sure the cat could probably dig out of my purse closet all of my Minkoff and Marc Jacobs bags…it doesn’t mean I’m done collecting them.

This time I decided instead of picking up a Minkoff bag (which I may change my mind later), I picked up a couple of her cute little pouches on sale for $38.50.

As for Marc Jacobs, I picked up another tote similar to the one I got last year for Christmas from my boss.  This tote was $123.51.  Just a few dollars cheaper than it cost last year.

For those shopping at Bloomingdale’s, make sure to use the coupons.  That $25 off can come in handy with many of these luxury splurges.

4.  Saks Fifth Avenue.  The sales for Saks usually hit around this time of year.  They will go as high as 60% off before prices resume their original retail price.  My boss doesn’t know it yet, but he’s getting me a pair of Burberry sneakers as seen here from the ModCloth Blog.

These sneakers retail at $250. 

For those that never venture to look at saks.com you are missing out on some major deals.  You can find those deals under the tab: Saks Fashion Fix.  I’ve scored a lot of Josie Natori for 25% of the retail in the Fashion Fix.  If I hadn’t looked under that tab, my $500 dress would have never made it into my wardrobe…and this is a dress I thought about for a whole year after I tried it on in Saks.  $125 for the dress is doable.  $500…I just can’t justify the splurge.

I find that going into Saks depresses me a lot because I can’t find what I’m looking for in my size (at a price I like).  Shopping their site online is way better and less hassle.  You’ll even find prices that are more agreeable online than in their stores.


So ladies, for those who lust the big labels but not the big label prices, there are ways to get those big names into your wardrobe. You just have to figure out the times the sales hit.  They’re like clockwork every single year.  Knowing when those big sales happen allows you to save up your money when the prices are sky high, so that when the designers hit the clearance racks, you can stock up…without ever having to leave your couch.

Another rule of thumb…don’t fall in love with a certain product that a designer releases.  Fall in love with the designer. 

I aspire to own something from each major designer.  I’m not picky when it comes to what I will own. 

If you fall in love with the product, you may never see it hit the clearance bin.  I’ve watched a certain Yves Saint Laurent bag I was saving $1600 for go up to $2500.  After I saw that happen, I resolved to just find a YSL bag…any kind of YSL bag.  After searching for a few months I finally scored one at Bonanza.com for under $100.  That meant I could use the money I saved for other luxury items that included a new pair of Celine shoes and a little bit of Gucci on the side. 

That’s why I say fall in love with the designer.  When one of their items hits the clearance rack and it’s something you like…snatch it up, because that Prada bag you were lusting after isn’t ever going to be on sale…but that other Prada bag is on sale and in your price range.  See where I’m going with this??? 

So my dear fashionistas…have fun shopping.  There are a lot of great deals to be had right now.  I know, because I’ve been shopping them and there are a lot of major designers under my Christmas tree this year. 

Happy Shopping!

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