Friday Loves Discovery

I’ve been meaning to share with you some of my discoveries, but with the holidays and all, it just sat there in the back of my mind.  Here’s a bit of a return to Friday Loves.  The first of 2013.

1.  CLEAR.  You’ve probably seen that commercial for Clear Shampoo & Conditioner.  The ad talks about a treatment that focuses on treating your scalp for healthier hair.  Looks all fine and dandy…and probably a marketing ploy, right? 

I received a couple of samples in my PopSugar Must Have box a few months ago.  I tried it out and I have to say this is the best hair product I have used in years.

Let me explain why…

For those who wear a part in their hair, you may notice sometimes that it keeps growing wider and wider as you grow older.  It’s almost like you have your own bald spot growing down the middle of your head. 

After trying Clear for a month, I noticed that the part is no longer ‘widening’.  Actually, it was no longer a wide part.  Somehow massaging this shampoo/conditioner into my scalp had rejuvenated the follicles and now that wide part looks normal again. 

My hair is so much healthier now than it has been when I used more expensive shampoos like Fekkai or Kiehl’s.  Women have sworn by these brands before, but these products didn’t do to my hair what Clear did for my hair.  Getting rid of that balding spot was a WOW factor in my book.

Another great thing about Clear?  It’s $5.99 in most drugstores.  At retailers…maybe even a dollar cheaper (I noticed Walmart sells it for $4.98)…and it comes in a BIG bottle.  The two samples I was sent lasted me 2 months.

Try it out, your hair will thank you for it.

Viggle2. Viggle.  I mentioned this app yesterday, and I have to say…I’m still obsessed with it.  I’ve been using this app to gather points for gift certificates and other products (like an Apple TV, Carribean cruise, Kindle Fire HD, iPod Touch, etc.).  I mainly redeem my points for DirecTV movie certificates.

This free app allows you to earn points for checking in to whatever TV show you are watching.  You can earn faster by checking in to their ‘Bonus’ points shows. 

I tend to check into those +100 point shows and then change the channel.  Or I check in to a long show like the Today Show.  I turn off the TV and head to work.  When the Today Show ends, I get a notification while I’m at work that I earned almost 200 points for watching the Today Show.

Last night, I put my DirecTV movie certificate to work and watched Looper.  I checked into the movie.  After the movie was over I got the points for the length of the movie +1000 points for their Thursday Cinema Movie Night.

In other words, it’s easy to get points with Viggle for checking in to shows you are watching (or not watching).  You can use those points for a variety of items offered as rewards. 

This costs you NOTHING, but a click on your phone to check into your TV show. 

It even works if you’re watching it from your DVR.  Last night, I didn’t get to watch Person of Interest, because I was watching Looper.  They had an extra +50 for checking into Person of Interest.  After Looper, I watched Person of Interest from my DVR.  I checked in and still netted the points for watching the show and the extra 50 point bonus for the day.

It’s easy to rack up points and get rewarded for doing something you already do.  All it takes is just a tap on your phone and then carry on with your business.

If you watch TV this is a great app.  It’s even better if you’re a DirecTV customer because they’re very DirecTV friendly (lots of bonus point opportunities for subscribers).  If you don’t have DirecTV, you can get 200,000 points right off the bat by switching to DirecTV.  Plus, with all of the rebates they offer, you can also get an extra $10 off your bill for the first 10 months through my referral link.

Saving up 4 million points for that Carribean cruise…I’m seriously considering doing that…but I like Cinema Movie Nights…

Try out the app.  It is so cool.

hg23.  Home Goods.  For the past few weeks I’ve been going on and on about Home Goods.  I had budgeted $600 to go into Home Goods and shop for a bunch of things I needed for the home.

I came out with as much as I could carry and never topped $160.

The coolest gift to myself from Home Goods were 3 mixing bowls (with lids).  At other stores, they charge for each bowl.  This trio came as a set for $16.99.  I paid twice that for 3 containers with lids at other stores (including Marshalls), because they charge you for each container.  It was nice to just pay one price for all 3.

I picked up new sheets, towels, lots of kitchen stuff, a decorative plate and so many other things…and I couldn’t get past $160.  They have incredible stuff at amazing, very affordable prices.  For people who love to add more love to their homes…Home Goods is the place.

I know I’ll be shopping at Home Goods more often this year.

Orthaheel-Pronation4. OrthaHeel.  I’ve been wearing these shoe inserts for the past month and they have been a complete godsend.  Before I got Orthaheel, every time I stood up, my body would be hit with a wave of pain coming directly from my heels and echoing through every part of my body.  It was the most excrutiating pain I had ever felt in my entire life.

I spoke to a friend about the problem and she recommended OrthaHeel. 

While this company mainly sells special shoes for people with plantar’s faciitis and other painful foot problems, I decided to buy the inserts for the shoes.  The special shoes were not my style…and I have a closet filled with designer shoes…I’m not ready to live the styles of a 60+ year old woman on my feet!

Luckily, they had shoe inserts that you can cut to fit your shoes, so I bought a couple of pairs.  The verdict? 

After I put the inserts into my shoes, put the shoes on and stood up…the pain was gone.  Literally…it went away just like that.

The OrthaHeel inserts provided immediate relief for my heels and leg.  To me, this was a miracle product.

For those who wear ballet flats all of the time, you should buy a couple of pairs of these inserts so that what happened to me doesn’t happen to you (ankle gets out of line with the leg due to ill-supported shoes like ballet flats which offer no support for your feet at all).

Now, I’m not cured at all.  These inserts provided me with relief from the pain.  They are also corrective supports which work towards fixing the problem…but that takes some time.  Even when I’m wearing shoes without the OrthaHeel supports, I still feel pain, but it’s not as bad as it was before…and that is all thanks to the OrthaHeel supports.

Yu-Be-products5. Yu-Be.  Honestly, I have no idea how I got a hold of Yu-Be.  It’s possible that it came as a free sample from Little Black Bag.  However I got it…this product has been another WOW product.

For those with chapped lips and chapped hands right now…Yu-Be is instant relief and it cures chapped lips. 

I had really bad chapped lips, so I put this on.  A few hours later I noticed that my lips were okay again. 

I put it on my hands…it definitely soothed the pain much faster than regular hand lotions. 

You can find Yu-Be in a lot of different stores.  At the DermStore, you can read up on the products available and the background.  I’ve been using the Yu-Be Tube for my lips and hands.  It works so much better than any of the other brands I’ve been trying to find relief.

Yu-Be has worked wonders.  Coupled with Avalon Organics Soothing Organic Rosemary Lip Balm Vanilla, it’s been a lifesaver this winter. 

After the success with the lip balm, I’m definitely going to try their other products.