The Wardrobe Refresher

Even though I just opened up a ton of presents featuring a brand new emerald green and turquoise wardrobe, I still feel like my wardrobe could do with some refreshing…like a drastic refreshing.  I feel like my wardrobe was so last year.

I don’t have Daffy’s anymore to sneak in and find a whole slew of designer clothes for next to nothing prices, so I’m left to figure out what to do…*sigh*  Life After Daffy’s.

Ever since I was injured, I’ve taken to shopping on the internet, because shopping in stores really takes a toll on my body and I’m usually in dire pain by the time I walk out of the store.  It’s just easier to find what I’m looking for online, and just carry the box up to my apartment.  Maybe I just don’t like the shopping in person experience anymore, because even if I’m in the store for less than 10 minutes, I’m in dire pain, so maybe this is a psychological thing.

At any rate, trying to come up with a new wardrobe that I will like is complicated this season and I have no idea why.  So looking around on the internet, here’s what I’m planning on adding to my wardrobe…

1. McQ Alexander McQueen, $175.


This is on my ultimate lust list.  From Net-a-Porter comes this OMG shirt from McQ Alexander McQueen.  Sometimes a girl needs to be a little daring, fun, goth, sexy, tough and OMG all at the same time.  This shirt was my OMG I must own this.  Yes, this is being added to my wardrobe.  For the winter months, I’ll wear a long sleeve black tee underneath.  In the warmer months, I’ll wear a black tank.  And yes, I have worn something like this to work before.

 2. J. Crew Basics.


For those who thought J. Crew was just too expensive for their basics, try J. Crew Factory.  You can stock up on tees, sweaters, dresses, blouses, etc. for what you would pay at Old Navy.  You can also try J. Crew’s main site and shop their sales for your preppy basics.  Right now, I have a ton of blue in my cart.  I really need to get away from the blue/green colors! 

Oh, and FYI, they are catering to size 16 these days, but be careful, because not all size 16 from J. Crew is true to size.  I’ve been buying the L and XL and they’ve been HUGE…but damn if they’re not super comfy!

3. Metallics.


Need to add some metallics into this year’s wardrobe?  Saks Fifth Avenue is having their 70% off sale right now.  This Josie Natori top (which looks almost identical to a Lanvin top I saw on sale today for over $370) is currently $105.  I always add a little Josie Natori to my wardrobe every season.  It’s the only designer who is nice to women of all sizes from 0 to 20…she makes clothes designed to look good on everyone, no matter what your size.

4. Classics.


I have an eclectic taste.  This Natori jacket (on sale for $172) I’m absolutely in love with.  Yes, this is also from the designer Josie Natori.  It’s elegant, clean, crisp, and will go with just about everything in my closet.  It’s classy and sophisticated.

5.  The Perfect Glam Coat.

samuel dong

This is actually a dress, but it looks more like a coat…which is why it’s called a TRENCH dress.  For those nights out to the opera, theater or ballet, this would be perfect to wear over whatever you are wearing.  I found this Samuel Dong dress at Neiman Marcus for $147.

I also found this jacket for $63 at Neiman Marcus.


Lots of fun to be had in the Neiman Marcus 65% off sale.  I found plenty of clothes for for a very reasonable price that I’ll be adding to my wardrobe.  They have plenty of stuff that can fit just about any budget.

6.  Rinkside Fashion.


I really love this sweater from Neiman Marcus.  The sweater is $69.  Pairing it with a scarf, a pair of jeans and booties makes for the perfect rinkside outfit.  Granted, I usually wear an extra layer with a pop of color underneath because I freeze at hockey rinks. 

7. Dress Me Up.


This European Culture dress is on sale at for $45.


This European Culture dress is $55.


And yes, I do have my goth, sexy, daring side too.  This Scervino Street dress is $95.


I’m also in love with this Lucy In Disguise maxi dress for $79.

Most of these dresses are dresses I would wear to work. is having an amazing sale.  They have such a HUGE inventory of goods.  Lots of great prices on designer clothing, too…especially European brands.  Last winter I picked up so much designer clothes for practically nothing from last year’s sale.  Everything was perfect.


Most of these items are just basic pieces to add to my wardrobe.  The key here is in the accessories.  Taking something so basic as a cobalt blue J. Crew sweater and adding something like THIS to the sweater…

bbyou’ve redefined a normal boring sweater into an outfit worth talking about.  I have more people comment on my jewelry than anything else.  You can find this fuschia statement necklace, along with many amazing baubles for reasonable prices at Bauble Bar.  They are my go to place for all of my jewelry.

Jewelry can be the single most important piece to add to your wardrobe.  No matter what your shape, size, or bone structure, Bauble Bar jewelry will always look amazing on you.  [Trust me, in their first year of being in business, I referred so many customers to them…and every single customer was happy.  Bauble Bar is now 2 years old and they’ve grown like crazy in the short amount of time they’ve been around.  There are so many affordable pieces, you’re sure to find something in your budget range.  Also, every Friday is their buried bauble day where you can pick up a buried bauble for only $10.  On Mondays, they have the $20 platinum buried bauble.  If you do like I did that first year of the buried bauble and buy whatever they suggest, you’ll build up a whole new jewelry wardrobe in no time…worthy of many, many, many, many compliments.  So make sure to sign up while you’re there.  That’s the only way you’ll get the buried bauble clues.  Check out their site, they always have rewards available for their loyal customers.  They’re one of the best customer services sites I’ve ever encountered.]

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