The January 2013 PopSugar Must Have Box


Hopefully everyone who is a PopSugar Must Have subscriber has their January box.  If not…well, here’s the spoiler.

I have to say, I did a “HOLY COW!” when I opened up the box.  Why?  THE STABILITY BALL!

True…I already have a stability ball, but I think I could use a new one since the other one is a few years old.    This Merrithew Stability Ball will be perfect for working on my core on Fridays and in between when I replace my couch with the stability ball. 

Ok…the couch stays, but I’ll be sitting on this more often until the cat starts complaining and pokes a hole in it.  [I wouldn’t put it past her…she does like to lay at the top of the yoga mat while I’m doing yoga.]

Another big surprise was The Remix Timebomb watch.  It was very cool to see this, but since I don’t wear watches (I find that letting time control you can be very stressful), I passed it on to the office freebie grab bag.  I’m sure someone in the office snatched that up along with the many baubles I put into the bag.

I was also happy to see the Epicuren Discovery Lip Balm.  I can never get enough lip balms, especially this time of year.

Here’s what really got me excited…Popbar’s Hot Chocolate on a Stick.  I tried this on Sunday morning with some almond milk (and sprinkled some of the Kraft Jet-Puffed Vanilla Mallow Bits on top).  It was soooo good.  I’m glad they sent 2.

Another surprise favorite were the Think Thin Bars.  I really liked these gluten free products.  Most of the gluten free products I’ve tried were just plain horrible.  All of the different bars I tried from Think Thin were soooo good.  They passed my #1 test which is to list all products on the side…and it has to be all natural products that I know what every single ingredient is.  This is the first gluten free product that was 100% good and didn’t taste like crap or look like crap (you should see what some vendors have been sending to me).

Also included in the box was a $15 gift certificate to Casetagram…which promptly went into the recycling bin.  I a) don’t have an iPhone, and b) don’t use Facebook or Instagram.  If you use any of these products, yes, yes, I do look down my nose at you.  (Because a) as a shareholder for Apple, I’m disappointed in the product…and I own a Samsung Galaxy SIII.  It’s far superior from the iPhone and has been selling more than the iPhone.  Don’t believe me? Then why did my Apple stock drop $200 per share since the release of iPhone 5?  Apple isn’t cool anymore, kids.  As far as b) goes, I’m disappointed in the way Facebook/Instagram does business.  Their shady dealings led to my cancellation of using any and all of their products.  Instead of Instagram, I use Via.Me, which is far superior to Instagram and has way more (and better) features than Instagram does.)

Like what you see in this box?  You can subscribe to PopSugar Must Have for $35/month.  Of all of the subscription boxes, they are definitely my favorite.  Each month the products are usually all perfect for me.  They’ve introduced me to a lot of cool stuff that I absolutely loved.  They tend to sell out of their subscription boxes quickly, so if you don’t sign up in time for February, they’ll put you on the wait list for March. 

If you think about it, you’re getting well over $100 worth of cool stuff for only $35, which makes the service worthwhile.

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