The Heart of the Matter

heartSince Christmas, I’ve gotten on this monthly holiday decorating kick.  I’ve had the Christmas decorations, the winter decorations, and now the Valentine’s Day decorations.

I wanted to share with you what I decided to do to decorate for Valentine’s Day. 

Remember back in elementary school making your own Valentines?  Well, I decided to do that using some Tiffany blue card stock I ordered from Paper And More.

I tried to make all of the hearts the same size, but I also didn’t want to waste too much of the card stock, so I cut out a bunch of smaller hearts, which actually accentuated the project even more.

I made around 28 large hearts, and 14 little hearts.

After I cut out all of the hearts, I started to look for my favorite love quotes I’ve gathered up over the years and wrote them down on each of the hearts.

beethovenAnd with all things that happen in my life, a little synchronistic moment opened up. 

I knew I had this book on my nightstand that was some sort of ‘divine intervention’ short stories book.  The book is called “A Match Made In Heaven.”  There are all of these stories about how people found the person they ended up spending their entire life with.  Even the craziest stories…those are my favorites. 

One thing that kind of took me by surprise was what fell out of the book.  Considering I’ve been having this weird “needing to feel protected” moment this past week, it was weird seeing this bookmark fall out of the book.

“[Love] always protects. Always Trusts. Always Perseveres. Love Never Fails.” I Corinthians 13:7-8.

But that wasn’t the only thing that fell out of this book. 


*sigh* Why don’t men write letters like this? 

I took a lot of quotes and favorite song lyrics and wrote them on each heart.

love notesMy favorite is definitely Rumi.

“The moment I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”

*sigh*  Why don’t men write poetry like this? 

For song lyrics, I put up “Lovesong” and my favorite U2 lyric.

“You’re in my mind all of the time. I know that’s not enough.  If the sky can crack there must be some way back to love and only love.” (Electrical Storm)

*sigh* Why don’t men write songs like this? 

Yeah…I’m talking to you two rockers.  Your songs of immortalization of my memory…yeah…not a *sigh* worthy song.

You want *sigh* worthy…my favorite is definitely Train…post-marriage.  His wife is one lucky woman.  Those lyrics are great songs that are all about how he loves her.

Since I made more hearts than I had room for on the board, I dumped the extra hearts into the basin of my Indonesian sculpture.

Here’s what the board looked like when I finished it.

love notes 2

The board had two wall bumpers in the back to hang it horizontally.  Since I didn’t want to put two holes in my wall and spend 15 minutes trying to hang it, I threaded some of my white Tiffany & Co. ribbon through the two little wall bumpers and tied it up to the one nail that was already in my wall.

So for the month of February I have a board to look at of all of my favorite love notes.  I’ve also got a stack of chick flicks and all of my favorite love stories (including my latest obsession with Jane Eyre) to watch this month. 

And here’s the reason why… (you knew this would turn into a spiritual post, right?)

In my meditations, God and I have been talking a lot about love and patience lately.  If you want the love of your life to come into your life, you need to be that love you want to attract to you.  In other words, fill your every being with love.  Share that love by bestowing blessings of love to all of those around you…including complete random strangers.  I’m not talking about whoring yourself out.  I’m talking about becoming the spiritual being that is love and sharing that love with the world.

If you want your world to change, first change your world…become what it is you seek.  Be the change you seek in the world.

Surrounding myself with quotes of love that make me sigh or make me think of someone in particular, it’s a way of developing a new karmic action or building upon one that is already there.  By focusing on love, the beauty of it, the soul of it, you are also preparing yourself to receive love.  In order to receive love, you need to first learn how to give love.

Emptying your cup of everything you are and filling it with all of the qualities love has to offer, you begin to change.  The love you seek starts to come your way in the universe’s crazy way of doing things.

You can throw any sort of virtue in place of the word “love” as a way to bring that quality into your world.  Learning to embrace a virtue can be an incredible journey.  You grow into a more enlightened being. 

Any virtue worth pursuing always leads to happiness not only for you, but for all those around you.  It makes the world a better place.

February is a great month to focus on filling your cup with love.  Love comes in many forms.  The first source you should drink from is the ocean of love from God.  This is easily achieved through meditation (or prayer, whichever you prefer).  Instead of talking to God, I meditate on this mantra: “I am a soul.  I am a peaceful soul swimming in the ocean of God’s love.” 

When you envision yourself swimming, letting your skin absorb that love into your being, you start to mentally become that love.  You can feel that love flowing within you. 

Love comes from only one source: GOD.  It’s finding out where he has hidden it throughout the world…that is the true treasure  You can find it in the wind.  I once read you can see and feel the spirit of God in nature, just by watching the way the wind blows through the grass, through the trees, and all throughout nature.

Something I always love doing is watching the wind blow through the reeds.  Reeds are generally ugly.  They’re charred, brown, and just…weeds.  But to watch the way they sway in the wind, it’s like seeing a glimpse of God running by.  It always calms me and makes me sigh at the beauty. 

In Morocco, I could feel God everywhere.  I could feel it in the wind, feel it in the sand beneath my feet.  I could see it in the smiles of the people.  You could really feel the love everywhere.

Love comes from all different places.  If you want to really explore the hidden treasures of love, make it your mission this month to seek love in all of its shapes and forms.  Sometimes, you’ll find that they can come in little surprises.

For me, I always like looking up to find a little animal coming up out of nowhere to say hello to me, or seeing a little child smile and wave at me as I’m walking by.  Sometimes love can be doing a good deed for an elderly person who is so grateful that someone helped them that it makes you smile to see their happiness.

Sometimes love comes in the form of a love note.  Sometimes it comes in the form of an act.  Sometimes love comes in the form of friends, or your best cuddly little pet that adores you.  Love can come from gratitude.  It can come from a smile.  Love can come from happiness and passion. 

Love comes in many forms that aren’t always just the romantic kind.

Sometimes reading a love story can make you fall in love with the characters and the book.  Sometimes a hockey god can make you fall in love with the game.  Sometimes a random act of kindness or spending your time doing good for others makes your heart swell with love for the people around you.

Sometimes sitting still in the moment, makes you fall in love with the time you are living in. 

Love isn’t just about romantic love or finding someone special to spend your life with.  Love comes in many shapes and forms.  Spend this month discovering love and everything it has to offer to all of us.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised what you will learn.

Surround yourself in love this month…just for the pure reason that it will make you smile.

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