I’m going to warn you…these are ramblings today.  I just wanted to share a few things worth sharing.

1.  Cat Watching Hockey.

Ok…this is a video I have to share.  I saw it on the Today Show yesterday and it had me cracking up.  It reminded me of Surita.  She only watches Jagr TV.  When the season first started, I was watching a video on my phone of Jagr’s arrival with the Dallas Stars.  Surita was sleeping and then all of a sudden I noticed her pawing at my hand, wanting to see my phone.  I looked at her like, “What?” 

Considering she hates the phone, it was weird she wanted to look at it.  So I showed her what I was watching.  She sat there and watched the whole thing.  Mind you…she hates that phone.  Apparently, she doesn’t hate Jagr.  She’s been watching him since 2005.  She used to sit in front of the TV and paw at the screen…#68 to be exact.  She would hear his name and “Jagr” this and “Jagr” that on the TV, so she knew when he was on the ice.  She’d watch him move back and forth along the ice.  She was always zeroed in on HIM. 

I always thought that was weird.  Try watching any other hockey…especially when he went to Russia to play (which is a thorn in my side)…she would not watch it.  She had ZERO interest in it.  The second he came back to the US…this cat is watching Jagr TV again.

So I kind of understand this cat’s fascination with hockey…

2. Dallas Bound.

Speaking of Jagr…next weekend will be a long weekend in Dallas to see THE hockey god play.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to do in Dallas while I’m there.  Ends up staying near the arena…there’s not much else to do.  That means I need to navigate (and not walk around) the other parts of Dallas, because downtown Dallas has nothing.  The word “sketchy” doesn’t make me happy at all. 

I’ve heard wonderful things about Dallas, so I’m looking forward to getting a taste of what the city has to offer.  I’m going to leave the JFK stuff for either next month or April.  I want to wait for it to be more ‘springlike’ before heading to the grassy knoll and spending time in the JFK museum. 

I’m looking forward to photographing the city.  I’m sure come spring, the photos will be more colorful.

3. Reading Material.

Before I head out on any trip, I like to load up on some good reads.  My boss was going on and on about “The China Study.”  So I downloaded the book.  I asked Georges Laraque if he had read the book before.  His response?  It was his bible when he first went vegan. 

I’ve been reading up on the book from various sites and what people claim.  Ends up the reason why former President Bill Clinton is so thin right now?  He’s vegan because of this book. 

It seems like the universe has been pushing me to go back to being vegan again, so I’m taking steps in that direction.  I’ve given myself until the deadline of reading this book in its entirety to switch back to being vegan once and for all.  The health benefits I’m reading and hearing about from everyone that adopted the fundamentals of “The China Study” are outstanding.

As far as other reading material…I downloaded the last 2 Joseph Delaney books (I didn’t realize I was two books behind in the Spook series).  I’m almost done with Book 11.  I got through book 10 rather quickly. 

I also downloaded “Beautiful Creatures.”  The movie looks pretty fantastic, so I’m hoping I’ll get to see it while in Dallas. 

Another book I downloaded is called “City of Dark Magic.”  Ironically, it’s based in Prague.  When I flipped through the first few pages I thought…you’re kidding me, right?  Not weird at all.  Synchronicity, that is.

That should be plenty to get me through hanging out at the airports, the plane rides, and when I settle in for the evening.  This should hold me over until I need to download more books next month for the next trip to Dallas.

4. Prabal Gurung for Target.

I almost forgot that the Prabal Gurung collection for Target was launched on Sunday.  I literally had to wade through the scraps online to see what was leftover.  Luckily, I was able to snag a clutch, dress, ballet flats and a tee before everything sold out.

Unfortunately, the stuff I really wanted from the collection…I’ll have to head to the store to purchase them.  I was able to snag the Prabal Gurung for Target/Neiman Marcus clutch last month at 50% off.  I haven’t been able to carry it yet (received so many purses for Christmas…still trying to get through that batch).  The only thing I’m happy about…I now own a Prabal Gurung.  4 more pieces are on its way.

Prabal could become another Rebecca Minkoff addiction.  I love his work! 

If you haven’t purchased your PG yet…you should while it’s still available.  I’ve noticed they’ve been keeping this stuff for a month before it disappears forever.  That is, if you don’t want to pay Ebay prices.

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