So That Makes You…36?

jj1This guy’s birthday is easy to remember…it’s the day after Cupcake Day…I mean…Valentine’s Day.

Happy Birthday to Jaromir Jagr (who is not, by the way, 36 years old…then again, he may be 35 again for the 6th year in a row). 

I was curious this morning to see what fans were posting up for Jari’s birthday.  I found plenty from both fans and media alike.  Here are some of my favorites on the life of THE Hockey God Jaromir Jagr.

TSN Interview

I like this TSN exclusive that was released on Wednesday.  This gives us a look at the Jagr years (which conveniently skipped the Washington years and the NY years). 

The most humbling and profound statement Jaromir makes during this interview…he says that he doesn’t believe that he has much talent.  It was all based on work ethic.

Ok.  I believe Jeremy Roenick said Jagr could puck handle in a telephone booth.  Just see that video of him getting past Brent Sutter.  That’s talent…not work ethic.  Then again, isn’t work ethic what nurtures talent?

Cosmo’s Sexiest

This actually made me mad.  Despite the fact they left off Henrik Lundqvist, and they told the biggest secret in hockey about Marc Methot’s derriere…they put Jaromir as the sexiest Dallas Star. 

This right wing is considered one of the best players of all time. Oh, and he’s pretty damn easy on the eyes, too.

Really, Cosmo?  That was supposed to be a secret!

A Dallas Star

Jaromir-Jagr-by-Trey-HillI saw Trey Hill sent a tweet along to Jagr of his blog post featuring photos he’s taken of Jaromir as a Star.  I have to say…brilliant work.  You can find more of Trey’s pictures HERE.

I like his combination of storytelling along with the photographs he took of Jaromir’s big 4 point night…his first night as a Dallas Star.  This is kind of why the Czech Republic still calls him THE Hockey God Jaromir Jagr.  Oh, and the “THE”…I use it because I think it’s hilarious that the Czechs call him “THE” Hockey God.  He’s not just “A” hockey god…he’s “THE” Hockey God. Not a minor god there, no siree.

A Midnight Prowler

jj2@SniperShady tweeted out this photo of Jaromir at the practice rink at midnight…that is, Jaromir was at the practice rink AFTER a game.

Yeah…I’m having a hard time staying awake to see him play this season.  Midnight is 1AM on the East Coast.  Yet, he’s out there on the ice working out…after a game. 

This is what legends do to stay at the top.  I believe Kevin Weekes once said that he had never seen anything like it…not since Michael Jordan.  And we all know how MJ’s career went.  He can “Fly Like an Eagle.”  Everyone wants to “be like Mike.”  In hockey, everyone wants to have the “Moves Like Jagr.”

Everybody Wants To Be Like Jagr

Oh, how far he’s come…mullet and all (by the way, Jaromir, please get a haircut before next Thursday…Rangers short, please).  Fans understand how special Jaromir is, so to see them come up with a Jagr through the years salute…gotta say…this was brilliant! [I love fans like these]

So that’s all I have for everyone today.  Happy Birthday, big guy.  I’m really looking forward to sitting behind the bench like I did back in the Rangers days when I discovered this guy named Jaromir Jagr back in 2005.  You want to know why I got into hockey?  He would be the reason why.  2005-2006 was the year he broke so many records.  I was just happy to be a part of his year.  I think what made it more special for me…when he broke one of the NYR records at Nassau Coliseum.  (If memory serves correctly, it was the points record previously held by Jean Ratelle.)

After he assisted on the goal, they did their regular celebration out on the ice.  But after their celebration, he made a beeline back across the ice over to me, looking right at me, with a smile on his face.  It was like he was sharing that special moment that would go down in Rangers history with me.  Sure, the coach bitched about certain players spending too much time paying attention to what was going on in the crowd (ahem…)…I don’t care.  They won.  Jagr had a new record…and he shared that moment with me. 

This is how Jaromir Jagr made me fall in love with the game of hockey.  By 2007…I was writing about hockey.  A few months later, I was a credentialed member of the media. 

So now maybe you can understand why this guy is in a league all of his own when it come to my favorites.  So happy birthday, Jaromir.  I’ll see you in Dallas next Thursday.

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