Sometimes Life Is Just A Little Too Surreal

Before I start on my latest adventure, I wanted to make a little announcement.  For those who missed my post where I dropped the news that I would be writing for Inside Hockey a few times a month, well…the first article this season should be up today or tomorrow.

Before hockey fans/media think I’m coming back again from retirement, that’s not what I’m doing.  There’s no way I can return to being a beat writer again or covering two teams.  That’s just too much for me to do.

I’m going to submit a couple of pieces each month to Inside Hockey.  Kind of a ‘no pressure’ to get a story out kind of freelance gig.  I don’t have to do game write ups or anything like that. 

The news no one really knows (unless you follow me on Twitter), is the announcement that I’ll be contributing to The Pink Puck.  Now, for those ladies who are hockey fans, this is your kind of site.  Not only is puck discussed, but fashion, health and beauty are also discussed…you know, the stuff us female hockey fans (as well as hockey wives, girlfriends and fiancees) discuss all of the time.

Like Inside Hockey, my contribution to The Pink Puck will be limited as well to a couple of pieces a month. 

This will allow me to still write a little about hockey here and there but without the added stress of covering every single home game, going to practices, having some form of deadline…you know…the time consuming stuff that will put me in front of the computer day and night instead of out and about looking for my future boyfriend.

[Which, btw, is going much better…finally.  I went out for the first time this week to meet guys.  I was surprised by how many I spoke to, and the weirdos that sit there and just stare like they want YOU to go to them.  In what alternate universe does this work?  I’m old fashioned. The guy needs to make the first move, especially if he’s getting the okay from the girl.  Most importantly, I’m keeping my options open to any and all possibilities, just in case my DOUBT in GOD’s so called promise is valid.]

Now, that’s it for the writing announcements.  I may have another one in the upcoming months.  It’s still floating around in my head, so I’ll let you know if it ever comes to fruition.

Now…on to my latest adventure in Dallas.

Yesterday (Thursday) I was up at 4AM (3AM Dallas time) because I had to catch an early flight to Dallas.  It’s spring break so my usual flight was $800.  In order to pay the regular fare, I had to book the earlier flight (which was completely full in economy, luckily I bought an upgrade).  I got to Dallas around 10AM.

I headed to the hotel early.  Fortunately, they loved my mint green look so much, they let me check in early. 

Afterwards, I headed to the Dallas Zoo.  The last time I was in town, all of the drivers kept telling me to go to the Dallas Zoo.  I’d like it there.  Well, they were right.

I hopped on the DART and went to the zoo.  Pretty simple.  It drops you off right at the entrance to the zoo.  I went in and enjoyed every single second of it…kids everywhere and all.

I tend to do a lot of family stuff in Dallas for some odd reason. 

What I loved about the zoo is that the Dallas Zoo is for lovers.  I caught parrots kissing, penguins making out and chimps kissing for a very long time.  If animals can find their loves, and for some animals, lovers for life, then that’s a good sign for me.

While I was venturing around, I came across the Meerkat exhibit.  I found one little guy behind a log.  I tried to take a photo.  He saw me trying to take the photo and he actually hid.  I gave up after a few minutes and started to walk away to the other side of the exhibit.  I stopped at the next opening and this little girl exclaimed, “LOOK!”  I turned around and that little meerkat had followed me.  He came up to the edge between his world and the glass and motioned to me. 

meerkatI went over to where he was.  He then jumped up on the log and took a few glamour shots for me. 

How’s that for making friends at the Dallas zoo? 

The warthogs were also like that.  I went over to their exhibit, because no one else was there.  I planted myself at one end, next thing you know, the warthog gets up, along with the female and they come over to hang out with me for a few minutes before the kids came running over to see them.

I loved the savanna exhibit.  That’s where the elephants, lions, cheetahs and giraffes roam.  I got a great close up of one of the cheetahs. 

cheetahHow’s that for a close up?  It’s probably the only time I will ever get up close to a big cat like that.  Just a very beautiful creature. 

While I was waiting in line for the monorail, I tweeted just how surreal the moment was.  Just that morning I was in NYC.  By the afternoon, I was in the Dallas Zoo. 

The Dallas Zoo caught my tweet and started tweeting me.  It was actually really cool to see them tweeting me during my visit to the zoo. 

Another exhibit I absolutely loved were the chimpanzees.  I saw a young family, including a young chimp out playing.  They were running in circles around mom, playing a good game of “You’re It!”  I believe the adult chimp chasing was the father.  That’s what made it so cool…to see the family dynamic happening like that. 

On the bridge, I saw two chimps kissing for a very, very long time.  Another one, a really old chimp liked to watch the monorail as it went by.  After it was gone, we spent a good 10-15 minutes staring at each other. 

If you’re ever in Dallas, the zoo is worth going to.  If you avoid all the gift shops and eateries…it makes for a very relaxing day, especially if you’re like me and want to be surrounded by parents and children to kind of have that good fortune of having a family rub off on you somehow.

Plus, I like seeing the animals.  They are so vain.

After the warm day in Dallas, I headed back to the hotel to have some dinner and rest a little before the game. 

I had country fried steak and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Hey, when you’re in the South, you need to partake in the southern delicacies. 

I headed to the game afterwards and got to meet one of the Dallas Stars sales people that I met on Twitter. 

When I saw my seat…smack dab in the middle of a crowded row, I was like…oh good god, no.  This is like being on an overstuffed airplane. 

I started talking to the woman sitting next to me.  I always love hearing stories of first time hockey game goers, or how people first got into hockey.  This mom was telling me all about her daughter that started learning about hockey during the lockout.  She fell in love with the game (and the Dallas Stars).  Now, she’s a big fan.

I was taking notes during the game.  The woman next to me asked me if I was taking stats.  I replied that I wasn’t (there’s an app for that).  I was taking notes for my Inside Hockey piece on what I was going to discuss in the article. 

Now, there was some…stuff…going on where I was sitting.  Some time during the game, the area surrounding me connected me with #68.  Which led to some news trickling over to me of the insane drunk girl at the end of my row that was doing her best to get Jagr’s attention.  They had told me what she was doing and I was just in shock.  Her boyfriend begged her to sit down and stop.  She responded, “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want.”  She then continued trying to get Jagr’s attention.

The rest of the row watched to see if he’d even glance at her.  They said what was funny…he wouldn’t even look at the chick.  He completely ignored her…to which she upped the ante. 

When I looked over, she was practically hanging on the glass.  She pouted her lips, putting pink lip gloss on…and did a very bad job of it.  It went all over the place.  Seriously…I was embarrassed for her.

I have heard of chicks doing this at hockey games.  This is the first time I had ever witnessed it.  I felt really bad for her boyfriend.  The woman next to me said at any moment, she thought the girl might show off her girls to get Jagr’s attention once and for all.  She was drunk enough.  I wouldn’t put it past the chick.

Guaranteed that may be the last time her boyfriend takes her to a hockey game.  Hell, he should have dumped her.  It’s just WRONG what she did on so many levels. OR maybe he got super lucky that night.  By morning, I hope he dumped her.

The girl to my right, though, she was smart.  She played the date just fine.  She asked a lot of questions about the game.  She pronounced Jagr’s name “Ja-grrr” not “Ya-gr.”  I thought that was cute. 

I listened to her throughout the game and said to myself…I must learn how to play dumb like this on a hockey date.  Maybe the guy will never find out that I’m a hockey writer.  Although, I think I spoiled the guy’s ambition to show off his hockey knowledge when he discovered he was sitting next to a hockey writer explaining the entire game to a new hockey fan to my left. 

Now if you watched the game, I was a little shocked to see that the NHL was releasing a lot of videos from the Stars/Ducks game.  I RT’d one video on why a goal wasn’t allowed.  I went back to look at it today in order to do my write-up and there I am.  It’s always weird seeing myself on camera.  Fans sometimes tweet me when they see me in video footage during games or in the locker room.  It’s just not something I’m used to.

Something else fans noticed at the game…Vernon Fiddler turning around to look at me.  This is the 3rd time in a row this has happened.  When a fan told me he had done that, I asked, “Did he look at me like he knew me?”  They said, “Yes, that was definitely it.”  I explained it was because he does.  I covered his team when they were in Prague.  There was also that ‘last time I was behind the bench, I was sitting behind Vernon Fiddler’ weird moment I talked about after last month’s trip.  Yeah…so we keep having this weird moment.  I’m not sure he’s put two and two together to figure out who I am yet and how he knows me. 

I should just make a sign that reads…”You know me from when you were with the Phoenix Coyotes.  I covered your team in Prague.”

Maybe the hockey writer bit + Phoenix Coyotes will jog his memory.  OR maybe he already has figured it out and is just in shock to see me in Dallas.

The Stars lost in the shootout.  They had so many chances to win the game.  I mean…they had 2 goal reviews and a goal waved off.  Just a series of unfortunate events in the game.  I thought they’d win it. 

Maybe the luck of the Irish will be on their side on Saturday.

As for my Friday, I’ve been holed up in my hotel room writing all day.  My horoscope actually said I needed to recharge today.  I’ll probably lie in bed all day tomorrow.  I am beat.  My brain could use most of the day off before I head to the game.

jariOh…and here’s the new Jagr sitting in front of me pic to add to the collection.  It was the only one I could get because coach was standing in front of me throughout most of the game. 

Speaking of coach…I took a pic of his lineup sheet he carries with him and tweeted it.  It proved very helpful this morning when I needed the correct lines from last night.  The top line is no longer Jagr’s line.  He’s 2nd line now with Jamie Benn out of the lineup.  Eriksson there is on the top line.  Smith is currently on Jagr’s line.  Cody Eakin is the guy with the hand in front of his face.  He’s also on the same line as Jagr.  Both Eakin and Smith are 21 years old.  On the same line as the 41 year old.  Wild, right?  If you looked at the numbers alone, you’d ask why that is.  When you know who the 41 year old is…it takes on a story of its own.

So that was my Thursday adventure.  More to come as I wrap up this trip…

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