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I’ve known for a few months now that I was going to Morocco for a couple of weeks to spend time with friends and start investigating into the adoption process of the little boy I met in Meknes.  What I didn’t know was…what other places I was going to visit while I was on that side of the world.

I finally made a decision.

The winners are…

Barcelona, Spain
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paris1Paris, France

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I’m looking forward to revisiting Paris.  Last time, the Rangers kind of interrupted my Paris vacation by having me cover their games in Prague and Switzerland.  I was spending my time in between games heading back to Paris.  Of course, all of the traveling ended up landing me in bed, sick as a dog and sick through most of my trek across Morocco.  Hopefully this time, I’ll be able to enjoy my time there and finish getting the photos I tried to get the last time I was there and do some vintage shopping in the Parisian Flea Markets.  I’m making sure to allot plenty of time in both Barcelona and Paris so that I can do what I set out to do.

I bought my plane tix this morning to Barcelona.  Cost: $88.10.  :)  I love frequent flyer miles.

The one place I do plan on road tripping to is Figueres, Spain to visit the Salvador Dali Museum.

Usually, I would visit the entire country while in Europe, but I’m trying to let my body rest more on this trip…like take a relaxing vacation for once instead of jumping from one place to the next.

While I’m in Morocco, I plan on visiting a few places I didn’t last time…like Chefchaouen (the blue city) and Tangiers.  I’m steering clear of Marrakech and heading straight to the beach towns.

What’s funny is when Driss came up with this trek across Morocco, he picked all of the places he’d been wanting to go to.  So this time, he’ll be able to drive me around and stop in all of those places.

I have to admit that the one place I loved more than anything the last time I was there…sitting in a cafe in Casablanca having a cup of tea with Driss, looking at the Mosque and feeling the ocean breeze coming up off of the Atlantic.  This was while Driss and I were saying our goodbyes.  He told me, “I already miss you even though you’re sitting right here next to me.”  Moroccan men…they always have a way with words.

And yes, a trip to Morocco is not complete without staying out in the sand dunes of the Saharan Desert.  I can say that I honestly loved hanging out with Berber nomads, trying to understand their ways.  They have so many great stories to tell and they are always curious to hear of the places I’ve seen and been to.  They actually know what ice hockey is in the middle of the Saharan Desert.

Now…the question is when I’m going…   :)

I always head to Europe in October (last year was an exception since there was a lockout), so I’ll be in Europe and Africa from October-November.  It’s the beginning of the hockey season, so I won’t miss much.  I’ll just get guilt tripped by some hockey player and then I’ll end up on the road with the team at some point to make up for it.

Although…I am joining the Devils on their cruise this August…even though I’m not too keen on the words ‘cruise ship’ and ‘Carnival.’  I’m dragging my NHL partner in crime from Inside Hockey with me…Winter Adams.  We’ll have a few special features up on Inside Hockey during the trip.

For those Devils fans that are considering going…it’s less expensive than you think.  The Devils are quoting $636 per person, but I got a rate of $357 per person (+ taxes of $97.48 per person).  I asked for the cheapest available room in the NJD block + I requested their Friends and Family rate which is actually in effect during the month of August and eligible for this cruise.  For those who need the bigger room or more space, you can still request the “Friends and Family” rate, which will bring the cost down significantly.

Keep in mind, the agent is not going to offer up the “Friends and Family” rate to you.  It’s their special rate (which you can find on their website).  Who knows…you may find an even better discount that applies to you on their website. 

And yes, as far as this trip goes, Winter and I plan on hanging out with the Devils fans on board, so we look forward to seeing you there.

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