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No More Band-Aids

As I was thinking about this week’s post and what I would talk about, so many things happened that I had to formulate how best to explain everything when everything is just so… Continue reading

Memory Lane

I just found out this morning that I’ll be seeing every single one of my all-time favorite hockey players next week.  It’s odd because 2 out of the 4 are retired.  As I… Continue reading

This Week’s 4:00 Trivia Prize

I must be crazy to be willing to part ways with this week’s prize, but this is a prize that I know many of you will want.  This week’s prize is a Brendan… Continue reading

No, I DON’T Predict Anything

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Brendan Shanahan is in the news.  He’s now the new disciplinarian after Colin Campbell stepped down. Of course, media is crediting me as figuring out… Continue reading

The First Time

News came out the other day that Stan Mikita has oral cancer. It made me think of the first time I met the former Chicago Blackhawk.  It was in Las Vegas in this huge… Continue reading

Be Passionate!

Last season, I wrote a piece about being passionate about hockey and asked myself if I was losing my passion for the game.  It intrigued Kevin Weekes so much, he actually posted it… Continue reading

How Sweet It Is…

1.  You’ve got to feel bad for the New York Islanders.  In the last year, they have lost 50% of their ticket sales.  They need a new arena.  They are #29 of 30… Continue reading

Thursday’s Musings 12.02.10

1. Forbes NHL Team Valuations. The Devils came in this year at #11. What’s left out of the report…Prudential Center woes with the City of Newark and the Devils and the City of… Continue reading

Stupidity Overdrive

Something tells me I’m going to be saying this a lot this season… I was emailing with my editor last night what happened at the game that had me call a team out… Continue reading

Tuesday’s Musings (9/28/10)

Tonight, the Flyers are in Newark to faceoff against the Devils in tonight’s preseason action. Here are the hockey musings of the day. 1.  Sheldon Souray.  Nada, nothing, zilch on news.  The whole… Continue reading

An Educational Lesson Into the Meaning of Other Things

I’m sorry…but last night’s conversation was just too good to pass up. How could I not share this with those who missed it? Leave it to Brendan Shanahan to have me rolling with… Continue reading

2010 NHL Alumni Best Dressed List

There were just too many alumni of distinction that did not qualify for the best/worst dressed list because they either retired or didn’t play a single game last season.  That’s where this list… Continue reading

The 2010 List of the NHL’s Top 5 Best/Worst Dressed

For this year’s list, there are new rules.  The first rule is that a player had to have played in one regular season game in order to qualify for the list.  So last… Continue reading

The Lies Players Tell You to Make Them Look Cool

When I think of the lies players tell the media just to look cool…I’m reminded of Brendan Shanahan telling the craziest whopper ever: Followed by the whole starring in the Forrest Gump movie…… Continue reading

What Would You Do To Land the Most Prized UFA?

The #1 UFA approaching the market is none other than Ilya Kovalchuk. While most people think that Kovalchuk will sign in the KHL (because who wouldn’t want to be paid an exorbitant amount… Continue reading

To Fill the Hockey Void

In a week or less, hockey on the ice will come to an official end for those who watch hockey religiously. The Stanley Cup will be lifted and it’s back to off-season business… Continue reading

Like Mats All Over Again…

There are a few people in the hockey community that heard me say last June, “Mats Sundin is retiring…and going to play pro poker.” It was probably the most OUTRAGEOUS thing for anyone… Continue reading

Favorite Moments of the Season

Since last year’s list included a lot of on the road moments, this year, I stayed close to home, so the stories will be a bit more homegrown. These are in no particular… Continue reading

Rangers Have One Last Hope

Alright, everybody wants to know what happened last night. First, the Rangers won 5-1. Rangers Have One Last Hope Second, imagine my surprise that the Rangers put me center ice in the press… Continue reading

Happy Marty’s St. Patrik’s Day!

Like I always say…that was not a typo. One year ago today, Patrik Elias became the New Jersey Devils all-time leading scorer after he assisted on Brian Gionta’s game winner in the 3-2… Continue reading