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So We Overpaid For Kovalchuk, Eh?

Since I’ve been talking a lot about money on Play Money, I started to let my mind scan various financial pieces from Yahoo! Finance before I headed over to  I say ‘scan’… Continue reading

Devils In The Doldrums

What’s it going to take to raise the Devils from the dead?  Lou Lamoriello behind the bench to scare the bejesus out of them?  Lou throwing jelly against the wall?  What’s it going… Continue reading

Thursday’s Musings 12.02.10

1. Forbes NHL Team Valuations. The Devils came in this year at #11. What’s left out of the report…Prudential Center woes with the City of Newark and the Devils and the City of… Continue reading

Monday’s Musings 11.15.10

WOW.  I took the weekend off (my first in two months).  I come back on Monday only to have so many NHL controversies crop up all at once! 1.  Sean Avery vs. Edmonton… Continue reading

Stand By Kovalchuk

I’m not a big fan of booing.  I’ve always found it to be tasteless and hurtful.  Fans forget that the person they’re booing is a human being with feelings. In the case of… Continue reading

Devils Need To Get Back To Basics

I have always prided the fact that my professors of hockey are the New Jersey Devils.  Imagine being able to say that everything I understand about hockey today was taught to me by… Continue reading

The California Tour of Duty

A week goes by and I can barely remember what happened…must have been all those Mai Tais! But let me start from the beginning… Up before dawn (4:00 a.m.), I took the local… Continue reading

Players To Watch: Eastern Conference Pt. 1

It’s still early in the season.  I haven’t seen all 30 teams in force yet (with my own eyes), so I’m starting on the basics with the players that have made me stop,… Continue reading

Less Is More

Or maybe…it isn’t? 1.  I just had to pull out my trusty copy of the CBA (yet again) because a red flag was brought up by the NHLPA re: a possible violation of… Continue reading

Prague Musings (10/09/10)

Technically, this should be Saturday’s musings, but I’m in Prague, so let’s be a little different! I was watching the Devils highlights of the game from last night.  I was very happy to see… Continue reading

Tuesday’s Musings (9/28/10)

Tonight, the Flyers are in Newark to faceoff against the Devils in tonight’s preseason action. Here are the hockey musings of the day. 1.  Sheldon Souray.  Nada, nothing, zilch on news.  The whole… Continue reading

The List Begins

I wasn’t planning on attending yesterday’s Rangers v. NJD game.  It was totally last minute.  I showed up without a laptop, and Dave Lozo of teased me about not bringing my laptop to the… Continue reading

Kovalchuk is a Devil for LIFE!

Ilya Kovalchuk is a Devil for life. The NHL/NHLPA have agreed to terms. More to come later…

NHL Leaves Future in NHLPA Hands

It’s not even 24 hours since the NHL and NHLPA announced that they would delay the decision on Kovalchuk’s contract. All day yesterday, in between waiting for the Kovalchuk update and listening to… Continue reading

Deciphering Bloch’s Ruling

In my hands, I have a copy of Bloch’s ruling…for one reason and one reason only… Last night, I was talking to Joe Yerdon who writes the hockey columns for NBC. We were… Continue reading

Round 2: NHL 2 – Devils 0

In case you haven’t heard, Kovalchuk contract number two that was dropped off (or what have ya) to the NHL’s offices on Monday by Jeff Vanderbeek, Lou Lamoriello and Jay Grossman was (according… Continue reading

The Calm Before the Storm

All is quiet in New Jersey right now. But across North America, it’s not so quiet right now. There is a calm before the storm right now, as we watch the storm start… Continue reading

The Red Flag

Now that Luongo, Savard and Pronger’s contracts are now listed as under investigation (according to their respective teams), there is something interesting to note in the Boston Bruins press announcement: Boston Bruins General… Continue reading

The Snowball Effect Begins

Yesterday evening, the NHL released the arbitrator’s decision in the Kovalchuk grievance. As predicted, the arbitrator sided with the NHL. So far this saga is continuing to prove another prediction I gave before… Continue reading

On the Way Into Work This Morning…

On the way into work this morning, I ran into NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman standing next to the deli by my office. Maybe it was the nasty, humid weather outside, but Mr. Bettman… Continue reading