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No More Band-Aids

As I was thinking about this week’s post and what I would talk about, so many things happened that I had to formulate how best to explain everything when everything is just so… Continue reading

Final Season

Every summer I contemplate whether I’m going to return for another season or not.  I tinker with it and then decide I’m not ready yet.  But this time, my intuition is saying that this is… Continue reading

Nordiques Nation in New Jersey

1.  For the Devils final game of the season against the Boston Bruins, they were in for a royal surprise.  The fans of the Quebec Nordiques came down to the NYC area over… Continue reading

Devils Shakeup Begins

It was only a matter of time before the Devils Shakeup Begins. Welcome back, Jacques Lemaire. Hopefully, he’ll be able to turn it all around now, rather than later.

Devils Need To Get Back To Basics

I have always prided the fact that my professors of hockey are the New Jersey Devils.  Imagine being able to say that everything I understand about hockey today was taught to me by… Continue reading

Favorite Moments of the Season

Since last year’s list included a lot of on the road moments, this year, I stayed close to home, so the stories will be a bit more homegrown. These are in no particular… Continue reading

The 2010 Edition of the Top Players I Love To Hate

Well, it’s the off-season for me, and you guys just love when I come up with these lists, so now, I have a 2009-2010 Top Players I Love to Hate list, because you… Continue reading

The First 6 Days of the Off-Season

If you think I have nothing to do in the off-season…THINK AGAIN. I just don’t have hockey games to go to. Yet I still have hockey! Here’s a rundown on my off-season so… Continue reading

Jacques Lemaire Retires

I’ll be honest, I would SUCK ASS at doing obituaries. But when I have to write obits on people’s hockey careers…it’s the worst thing in the world to write. So today, I had… Continue reading

End of the Season Thoughts

TSN’s Bob McKenzie said recently on Twitter that what it takes to have a job like his…covering hockey…you have to be an expert. When I read that, it really hit home. You have… Continue reading

Devils Drop Lead in First Penalty-Free Game

While the Devils watched history being created on the ice, they also watched a one goal lead head into the shootout…not the strongest point for the Devils, considering they don’t normally head into… Continue reading

The Devils Olympic Contenders

Do you want to know just how well-respected Lou Lamoriello’s team is? The most winningest goaltender in the history of the NHL has spent his entire career with the New Jersey Devils. He’ll… Continue reading

The Goal That Was The Hat Trick

What a great game for the Devils on Friday night. They conquered the Predators 5-2…not only that, but Ilya Kovalchuk FINALLY got his long awaited first goal as a New Jersey Devil. In… Continue reading

A Night of Mixed Emotions

Friday’s defeat of the Toronto Maple Leafs had it’s highs and it’s lows. With the welcome of Ilya Kovalchuk to the Devils (who seems to be very happy to be a part of… Continue reading

A False Hope

If anything, hockey should not be predictable. If it does become predictable and you can throw in the word “ugly” to a win…something needs to change. Friday night, the Devils got lucky in… Continue reading