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A Lesson from A Tree Growing in Brooklyn

My book club just finished reading the book “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith.  It raises a lot of thoughts on how we are so materialistic today and fail to focus… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning: How it Can Earn You Some Cash & Freebies

In between classes, work and hockey, I’ve been trying to get in a little spring cleaning at home.  One of the mottos I’ve been repeating to myself is, “To see the light of… Continue reading

VIP Gift from BaubleBar

Attention jewelry lovers!  If you’ve never tried Bauble Bar before, now is your moment.  You can pick a VIP gift with your order now until May 19, 2013 by using my unique VIP… Continue reading

Latest Acquisition: Lilac Snow Collar

Latest Buys by michellekenneth featuring a longsleeve dress Longsleeve dress LOFT trench coat BaubleBar sparkle jewelry Today I found the most beautiful necklace at BaubleBar.  With all of my recent… Continue reading

God Bless Texas

Back in NYC.  Back to the grind. My last Dallas update was on Friday, after I flew in to see the Dallas Stars play the Vancouver Canucks.  Since then I have shopped in… Continue reading

The January 2013 PopSugar Must Have Box

Hopefully everyone who is a PopSugar Must Have subscriber has their January box.  If not…well, here’s the spoiler. I have to say, I did a “HOLY COW!” when I opened up the box. … Continue reading

The Wardrobe Refresher

Even though I just opened up a ton of presents featuring a brand new emerald green and turquoise wardrobe, I still feel like my wardrobe could do with some refreshing…like a drastic refreshing.  I… Continue reading

Tis the Season to Be Shopping

How have you been making out in this year’s holiday sales?  I keep getting boxes in the mail and I have no clue what in the world I ordered…or how I was able to… Continue reading

The November PopSugar Must Have Box

Gotta love PopSugar.  This box had a lot of things I love. 1.  Gorjana Parker Bracelet.  I’ve been wanting something from Gorjana for a while now.  When I saw the Gorjana jewelry box,… Continue reading

Friday Loves October

I hope all of you had a pleasant week this week.  Here’s what captured my attention this week. 1. #OccupySesameStreet.  Oh, Mitt Romney…you may have won the debate, but you haven’t captured our… Continue reading

The QuiBids Experiment

Have you seen those commercials for QuiBids on TV?  Well, after seeing about a dozen or so over the weekend, I decided to take a look at it and give it a try… Continue reading

My Little Black Bag

So I may have just had the ultimate Little Black Bag trading experience.  What did I score?  Two purses, a bracelet, a necklace, Redken hairspray, foundation brush and a cosmetic bag.  Total for… Continue reading

Planning the Fall Wardrobe

August…it’s always been that time of year that has been ingrained into so many of us…the start of a new wardrobe.  For most of us, this instinctual feeling that it’s time to buy… Continue reading

Feeling Green

I’m a little in love with the latest green in fashion.  I loved it so much, I actually ordered a couple of items from ASOS last week and absolutely fell in love with… Continue reading

Friday Loves Being Home Again!

I’m back in the States.  The trip will be told in the coming weeks (be prepared to read a lot…it’s currently 40+ pages and I’ve only made it to day 10 of the… Continue reading

This Week’s New Baubles

I am in love with these two new pieces of arm candy I picked up from JewelMint. I had a couple of credits just sitting there, so I decided to just splurge and… Continue reading

Packing for Italy

Ah, Italy.  What does a girl traveling on her own take with her when she’ll be running all over the country for two whole weeks? Well, the first thing is a QUALITATIVE suitcase. … Continue reading

My New Motto

Have Fewer Things, But Better Things. – Suzanne Rheinstein – I’m not sure what magazine I clipped this quote from, but this motto just really leaped out at me.  “Have Fewer Things, But… Continue reading

When You Believe

So I got myself a little pre-retirement gift from hockey writing.  When I saw it up on Little Black Bag, I knew I had to get it!  Considering how far both the Devils… Continue reading

Dare to Fashionista Up This Tee

See this tee? The Devils pinned this up on Pinterest…and right next to it, I saw this pin… I kept looking at the pictures side by side…and then I saw the Devils pin… Continue reading