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Marty Does It Again?

For those who were at the Devils game last night, you may have noticed a little video during intermision called “Around the Room.”  I looked up maybe halfway through when the “Book Smart”… Continue reading

Dare to Fashionista Up This Tee

See this tee? The Devils pinned this up on Pinterest…and right next to it, I saw this pin… I kept looking at the pictures side by side…and then I saw the Devils pin… Continue reading

Fan Photo of the Week: David Clarkson

Every now and again fans send me photos of random things they captured at hockey games around the league.  Usually, I just leave it on Twitter, but I think I’m going to just start… Continue reading

Sean Avery Calls It Quits

It was just one week ago today that I was literally dancing in my seat with a huge smile on my face.  I had just seen what came across the Rangers’ newswire and… Continue reading

It Takes a Village To Make a Hockey Team Work

After I tweeted the attendance for the Devils game last night, I got an onslaught of tweets basically laughing at the Devils, almost in a ‘kick us while we’re down’ kind of fashion. … Continue reading

Day 84: It’s Definitely My Final Season

I have this weird thing about retirement…it’s called watching things come full circle in your career.  It’s a lot like Brendan Shanahan returning to the team that started it all for him a… Continue reading

Day 70: Brodeur, NHL Revenue, Etc.

1. Is Brodeur 100%?  I’ve been working on this story for two weeks.  It may have been a mix of watching Brodeur trying to find his game again, and seeing blasphemous words about… Continue reading

Day 13: New Jersey Devils Training Camp

DAY ONE DAY TWO PHOTOS FROM DAY ONE I’ll have more photos sometime this week.  I actually need to upload them all and take a look at them.  Writing about Training Camp took… Continue reading

Day 12: New Jersey Devils Training Camp


Photos from NJ Devils Golf Tournament

Here are the photos I took for Inside Hockey at the New Jersey Devils golf tournament last Wednesday.  Only 16 made the article, but trust me…there were more.  Here’s the slideshow from Inside… Continue reading

Day 9: Out on the Greens

Last night’s Kristin Chenoweth photos will be up a little later.  I’m waiting to get some NJ Devils items out before looking at the Chenoweth photos. While I’m waiting for my editor to… Continue reading

Day 8: A Hodgepodge Before the Tournament

Today is filled with a lot of mixed things going on.  The big event today is Kristin Chenoweth at the Russian Tea Room.  I’m so excited that I’m going to be able to… Continue reading

Day 7: Choosing a Husband

This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever been asked to do…pick a husband, develop some wild love story and repeat it 100 times on my vacation.  I can’t pick anyone famous,… Continue reading

First Few Days of a New Hockey Season

I know it’s my final season covering hockey as a writer, and as a lot of you know already, this final season will be thrown into a book…I just want you to take… Continue reading

Karel Rachunek

Of the losses today, I think the one that’s affecting me the most is Karel Rachunek.  I remember meeting him back in 2006 in Puerto Rico.  I happened to be staying in the… Continue reading

Plane Crash In Russia Carrying KHL Team

From The Associated Press is reporting 36 people have died in a plane crash near the city of Yaroslavl in Central Russia. The majority of victims are believed to be members of… Continue reading

Jake Wisniewski Fundraiser

Another start of a new season.  The New York area hockey teams are starting to descend upon the NYC area to prepare for the pre-season.  While the New York Rangers were visiting firehouses around NYC… Continue reading

Ilya Kovalchuk: In The Beginning

With the hockey season underway, it was finally time for me to stop slacking off and get back to work.  It was time for the Kovalchuk series to finally go up.  This is an interview that… Continue reading

More Pics of the Elias Family in the Czech Republic

Don’t ask why I’m reading the gossip pages over in the Czech Republic, but I just find it to be interesting.  They treat their hockey superstars like front page gossip rag material.  They… Continue reading

This Week’s 4:00 Trivia Prize

This week’s prize is a Devils prize pack.  What does that entail?  Well, there’s stuff the Devils have given away over the past few years, stuff that I’ve collected, stuff I’ve bought and… Continue reading