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Final Season

Every summer I contemplate whether I’m going to return for another season or not.  I tinker with it and then decide I’m not ready yet.  But this time, my intuition is saying that this is… Continue reading

JAGR Watch

The fans across North America are talking…and they’re all talking about one thing: JAGR WATCH.  They all want to know where Jaromir Jagr is signing. Last month, I did a post (more or… Continue reading

The First Time

News came out the other day that Stan Mikita has oral cancer. It made me think of the first time I met the former Chicago Blackhawk.  It was in Las Vegas in this huge… Continue reading

Zach Parise Tries Out His Acting Skills

While I was road tripping, Easton Hockey sent me the latest commercial starring Zach Parise. I understand that someone dressed him all 7o’s like…but sorry to say…it may have officially placed him on the… Continue reading

Be Passionate!

Last season, I wrote a piece about being passionate about hockey and asked myself if I was losing my passion for the game.  It intrigued Kevin Weekes so much, he actually posted it… Continue reading

Thursday’s Musings 02.10.11

1. GOALIE FIGHT!!!! Yeah…not as good as last week. The part that strikes me as interesting just happens to be which two goalies are fighting…Tim Thomas and Carey Price.  Now, that brings back memories. … Continue reading

We Lose Our Captain America

“I had rather have a plain, russet-coated Captain, that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that which you call a Gentle-man and is nothing else.” ~ Oliver Cromwell … Continue reading

Devils In The Doldrums

What’s it going to take to raise the Devils from the dead?  Lou Lamoriello behind the bench to scare the bejesus out of them?  Lou throwing jelly against the wall?  What’s it going… Continue reading

Thursday’s Musings 12.02.10

1. Forbes NHL Team Valuations. The Devils came in this year at #11. What’s left out of the report…Prudential Center woes with the City of Newark and the Devils and the City of… Continue reading

The California Tour of Duty

A week goes by and I can barely remember what happened…must have been all those Mai Tais! But let me start from the beginning… Up before dawn (4:00 a.m.), I took the local… Continue reading

Players To Watch: Eastern Conference Pt. 1

It’s still early in the season.  I haven’t seen all 30 teams in force yet (with my own eyes), so I’m starting on the basics with the players that have made me stop,… Continue reading

Less Is More

Or maybe…it isn’t? 1.  I just had to pull out my trusty copy of the CBA (yet again) because a red flag was brought up by the NHLPA re: a possible violation of… Continue reading

The List Begins

I wasn’t planning on attending yesterday’s Rangers v. NJD game.  It was totally last minute.  I showed up without a laptop, and Dave Lozo of teased me about not bringing my laptop to the… Continue reading

Thursday’s Musings (9/16/10)

In other words…today’s musings is the director’s cut of what I didn’t write about for Inside Hockey. Yesterday, I was up before dawn to be out the door at 6:40AM to head to… Continue reading

The Calm Before the Storm

All is quiet in New Jersey right now. But across North America, it’s not so quiet right now. There is a calm before the storm right now, as we watch the storm start… Continue reading

The Lies Players Tell You to Make Them Look Cool

When I think of the lies players tell the media just to look cool…I’m reminded of Brendan Shanahan telling the craziest whopper ever: Followed by the whole starring in the Forrest Gump movie…… Continue reading

A Different Kind of Coach

I’ve been thinking about the New Jersey Devils coaching situation. Each name I keep seeing pop up on the list I keep thinking…No…No…No…No…Definitely No…No… So who can I see as a coach? Here’s… Continue reading

What Would You Do To Land the Most Prized UFA?

The #1 UFA approaching the market is none other than Ilya Kovalchuk. While most people think that Kovalchuk will sign in the KHL (because who wouldn’t want to be paid an exorbitant amount… Continue reading

An Unpredictable Year

Wow. Who could have predicted the outcome of this year’s Eastern Conference champions? By mid-season, most would have said that the New Jersey Devils were going to go far…what with all of the… Continue reading

Favorite Moments of the Season

Since last year’s list included a lot of on the road moments, this year, I stayed close to home, so the stories will be a bit more homegrown. These are in no particular… Continue reading