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Devils Need a Turnaround

It’s interesting to go back and look at the stats for the Devils after they dropped yet another game. The midway point kind of screwed up everything for them. This team is not… Continue reading

Put ‘Em Up, Jagr!

Granted, this happened a month or so ago, but I find it to be hilarious. Someone was asking me last night what the latest was on Jagr and I was telling him about… Continue reading

Brodeur Has Them Seeing Stars

Since I’ve been away from Devils hockey for a couple of weeks, I tried to basically incorporate all of the happenings as of now that is worth noting as it relates to last… Continue reading

Getting to Know MK

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed (maybe a few people), but I started a new page (see pages at top) on Getting to Know MK. I’m posting up 100 things about me that… Continue reading

Flame Starting To Go Out?

Last week, I met with a good friend for dinner. She was visiting New York City from Lithuania. She just so happens to be the sister of my all-time favorite defenseman Darius Kasparaitis.… Continue reading

Hockey Top 7: Players I Love to Hate

7. Jaromir Jagr (Omsk Avangarde, KHL). Jari making my top 7 list in players I love to hate should say something. Now, for those who know me, they know I absolutely LOVE Jaromir… Continue reading

KHL Recruiting or Jagr?

Something I’m not a big fan of is Jaromir Jagr’s recruitment of NHL players to the KHL in Russia. I’ve read plenty of translations to hear him talk so adamantly about changing the… Continue reading

Shanny Retirement and Jagr Back?

I’m going to talk about two completely unrelated topics. The first one being why all of you come here all of the time…to talk about the guy that you are all so obsessed… Continue reading

Dedushka Moroz aka Jaromir Jagr

It’s been a while since I checked up on how Jari was doing out there in Siberia. Guess that’s what happens when you become so absorbed in NHL hockey. I just came across… Continue reading

Jagr Back to the NHL?

I just stumbled across this article from ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun. I thought it was worth mentioning here: The phone rings, and a man with the world’s thickest Russian accent is ready to get… Continue reading

Clemmensen Blanks Rangers

I got to spend some alone time with Scott Clemmensen in the locker room asking him about things that well…everyone else has been afraid to ask him. There’s a rumor circulating that Martin… Continue reading

A Little Decorum, Please!

I’m going to be frankly honest with everyone that I am not a fan of any team in the NHL…and it’s for a reason (which I think you will understand when you get… Continue reading

Last Lil Ditty about Shanahan

Ok, frankly…my patience has really run thin on this whole lack of contract for Brendan Shanahan. As I’m running through my emails reviewing the press releases from the NJ Devils and preparing to… Continue reading

Old-Timers Return Home (Shanahan to Follow?)

Artwork by Michelle Kenneth Free Agency and I have one thing in common. It begins on my birthday (July 1). I have a complete love/hate relationship with free agency. Sometimes I hate the… Continue reading

Rangers Advance Past Devils

Avery’s antics to get under Brodeur’s skin were enough to warrant a snub by Brodeur after the teams lined up to shake hands after the Rangers win Friday night. “I guess he forgot… Continue reading

Brodeur’s Time of Year

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin for the New Jersey Devils in Newark, NJ tonight as they host the New York Rangers. Here’s a bit of Devils Playoff History: http://www.insidehockey.com/columns/1553

New York Rangers

New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals 12.12.07

This is a video compilation of photos I took at the game in Washington, DC. Brendan Shanahan, Chris Drury and Colton Orr were nice enough to come over and let me take some… Continue reading